300 SteemPower Delegated, Over 100 STEEM Sent…Did You Win?

What a way to start the work week 🙂

Last night on @vimm I hosted the live draw for the ‘Hardest Contest To Win On STEEM‘…

We gave away over 100 STEEM tokens to winners as well as 300 Steem Power in Delegation and of course over a dozen @steembasicincome units.

There’s something about giving away all those prizes that makes this job so rewarding. And with 2 contests to reward prizes for…it was quite the night 🙂

The first up was the ‘Hardest Contest To Win On STEEM‘ where we gave away 10 @steembasicincome units to the following Steemians;

@lorreli @whatsontrend @thereikiforest @noemilunastorta @clmstudios @deyvich @mihirbarot @russellstockley @princefizzy @maryclare


Congrats to each of you! Thank you so much for your contribution and support! We also gave away a few extra prizes to @wonderwop @chiren and @ericburgoyne

Next up was the grand prize of 150 Steem Power delegation for 30 days…And I had to launch when I clicked ‘pick random winner’ from the Steem Comment Picker and this name popped up…

Huge congrats to @elizacheng for winning this month’s delegation 🙂

Eliza and I have quite the history from working together online for years but what’s even funnier, we met for the first time randomly at Steemfest! It truly is a small world 🙂

After we wrapped up the ‘Hardest Contest’ it was time to award the awesome sauce members of SteemSavvy for their prizes as well…

This contest was a little bit harder than the first one…

We did a small referral contest because SteemSavvy has it’s own affiliate program where users can refer other members to the training suite.

And the most referrals would win some crazy prizes as you will soon see…

First Place Winner – @simplymike (150 Steem Power Delegation for 30 days PLUS 75 STEEM)

Second Place Winner – @fiberfrau (25 STEEM)

Third Place Winner – @ikarus56 (10 STEEM)

Thank you so much for taking part in the contest and rest assured…This is just the FIRST contest we will be having for SteemSavvy.

We raised a lot of awareness for the training program and I’m a big fan of giving back to the community when they support the site. So we will be having more contests soon 🙂

Thank you for the support and the amazing feedback you’ve given me for SteemSavvy!

Hearing your feedback and cemented my belief in this project and now it’s time to get to work and bring even more awareness to it and the entire Steem blockchain!


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