The Shooter & The Target

“It Ain’t The Targets Fault…” That’s a quote from Adversaries Into Allies by Bob Burg, the book I’ve been reading this week and it quite possibly one of the biggest takeaways from ANY book I’ve read in recent memory. Let’s analyze this and find out why I think it’s so powerful. First of all…We are […]

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A 3 Way Win! [VIDEO]

Talk about a win-win-win scenario! There are so many benefits to practice list building, I thought I would tackle this from a different angle. You’ve heard it literally since day one…You need to build your list. Heaven knows I’ve said it a few times on this blog, but what if we take a look at […]

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We Conquer By Continuing [VIDEO]

I have a story to tell about how we conquer by continuing. To show up, every day. To follow up. To be stubborn about success…. So about a month ago, I discovered this company that developed and manufactured journals. Nothing out of the ordinary there, plenty of companies are out there designing and developing productivity […]

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