Don’t Be Boring – A Method To Real Success Online

Thought we’d change things up a bit and do a video blog post for today’s Plus 1 message!

Please do share your comments and thoughts below and let me know, what is holding you back from stepping outside of your comfort zone right now?

One thought to “Don’t Be Boring – A Method To Real Success Online”

  1. Hi Jon, I haven’t “made it” to your daily video blogs before but just happened to see the “Don’t Be Boring” video and then watched the one about your Blackberry. It is a requirement under “Common Law” that if your product is faulty and cannot be used for the purpose it was intended for it is replaced. Therefore, the place you bought the Blackberry from can be reported and because they are already having problems from what you said in the video, they will be held liable. I’m sure it didn’t come cheap either, so they really don’t have a choice but to replace or refund.

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