Plus 1 Mondays Podcast – List Building with Tim Linden

We had a special guest drop by this week….

The man, the myth, the legend….Tim Linden, CEO of TimTech stopped by and dropped some knowledge on list building and how he took his business to the next level!

9 thoughts to “Plus 1 Mondays Podcast – List Building with Tim Linden”

  1. I don’t need to know WHY, but HOW without any list. You mentioned buy it with $20. but WHERE? HOW do you know what you pay for is my dem, psyco graphic.
    I don’t know where these websites are?

  2. I finally listened to a podcast! So glad I did. Outstanding content.

    The fear factor is indeed a major hurtle to overcome. I have also dealt with that as an ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher. I used to think I was simply not good enough in comparison to the other ESL teachers out there because my teaching style is so much more laid back and different, I hate grammar, I hate tests and my spelling is horrible! But once I started getting repeat students and such wonderful comments from my Business English students I figured I must be doing something right and started “doing me.” I still worry a bit sometimes about if my teaching is giving value to my students, but I do more evaluating and adjusting than I do worrying.

    TimTech has taught me to do the same as far as my marketing is concerned. I invest money when I have it on the valuable tools that I need to succeed. I sometimes purchase things that I have no idea what I’m going to do with it once I have it (like badges, XP, etc.), but I know that having it is better than not having it.

    Then along came List Viral. I have been trying my hand at list building for quite some time now and have not done very well – until now. At first (when List Viral launched) I didn’t have the cash to invest, but was very fortunate that there was a good deal happening when I did have the money and I jumped right on it. I was initially a bit skeptical, but once I saw my lists – yes I said LISTS start building I could hardly believe it. I am still not where I want to be, but now I am closer than I ever have been.

    Thank you guys so much for focusing on list building. Please keep the good stuff coming! I would also like to give a big thank you to Jon for always telling us to not give up. I can honestly say that that is the very reason why I am still at it.

    Great podcast guys!

    1. Awesome man, thanks for this great comment. And glad you share our vision with the focus on list building as well!!

  3. Hello,
    I have 5 follow-up emails in Rocket Responder. I see nothing happening. I really need to know how this tool works.
    I have followed the instructions for this tool to this point. What am I doing wrong?

    Barbara Erickson

  4. Hi guys 🙂 I have a question or two! I would like to know why ppl with no ppl in their list have to pay the same amount of money as one with 5000-50000 people on the lists? You simplified it?! yes but for who?! 😉 …and why free month starts before we even confirm our email!? I didn’t confirm my email just because I didn’t have enough money to follow up my plan, acton. I wanted to start on my own time but my free month has already expired :/ I would already use RR but I can’t afford $20 for months until I would have someone actually on my list to send email to. btw I think you attract wrong kind of ppl but that’s whole another subject. ..because its too fun ppl dont take it seriously -they “do it” just for fun… 🙂

    1. There’s a reason why you will be hard pressed to find a ‘free’ auto responder. You get what you pay for, that being said…Rocket Responder is about as affordable as they get. Some of these other companies start at 20 a month and scale up, where some folks are spending thousands a month on their email services.

      And for good reason.

      It’s that important. And a quality auto responder makes sure, your emails get delivered. And that costs a lot of money to stay compliant. That’s why it’s 20 bucks 🙂 which again, is beyond affordable in the industry.

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