Surround yourself with different people

It is so important to break down your own walls, do something different , take a risk. One of the best ways to go about that is opening your mind to learn from other people who have different life experiences. We are all unique in one fashion or another. I like to surround myself with positive thinkers and people who are taking action. Sharing of ideas and respecting different strategies at doing things is one of the most healthy exercises in human existence.

Make it your personal goal today to open your mind and reach out to just one new person you have never talked to before. Get beyond the typical handshake and the “Hi , nice to meet you” and really make it worthwhile.  Ask them a question, turn the “How are you doing today ?” into the “What are you doing today ?” Offer a kind thought, a suggestion, an idea. Don’t let a computer be your curtain, allow it to become your stage to the world with an audience of success in front of you. A dose of healthy confrontation, debate, networking and exchange of ideas could very well be the missing part of the puzzle to accelerate your online ventures.

+1 Success , can be your foundation.  It will give you the shaking that you need. It has opened my mind to all of the little things I was missing No matter what you are doing , online, offline this program and the people that are a part of this community come from all walks of life. Although we have a common goal, it is our differences as a community that are going to take each one of us over the top.

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