What do Badges, XP, Trinkets and Promos have to do with my business ?


Today I was doing a little reading in some of the various TE ‘s that I occasionally surf at and I stumbled upon an interesting conversation about how worthless the games and things we collect surfing are. I passionately disagree and personally think that the foresight of the author comes up a little more than short.

What is the value of a promo, “XP” or a badge that says you surfed 1000 pages at JoeSchmoe’s TE ?

The value is not necessarily in the promotion of the item but in what you are doing to gain those items. If you decide to surf for a badge, a penny or xp…… is that what you are really surfing for ?

Contests are fun and push us to go a little harder, work more as a team, actually communicate , share strategy.  I surf to grow my brand, I surf for the credits, I surf for the chance to see what others are promoting, I surf to interact in chat and forge relationships with people. The promos break up the monotony of just haplessly clicking for hours and hours beating up my clickey digit until it is numb or starts bleeding.

All the promos provide a fun way to guide your surfing. What you do with that time or that shiny object is up to you.  Surfing for an item has no bearing on what success is for your business.

What grows your business is you !!!

Are you showing up every day ? Are you starting or growing your list ? Do you have an auto responder and are actually using it to it’s full advantage ? Are you tracking your advertising ? Are you supporting the community you are in and making a positive impact ? Point blank “What are you doing?” Have you created a start point and actually envisioned what you want to accomplish ?

Next time you see or here someone talking about what a waste of time it is , pull them on the rug and ask them one thing ……Why ?

5 thoughts on “What do Badges, XP, Trinkets and Promos have to do with my business ?

  1. That is awesome Jon, you are right you can’t really put a value on a badge or xp but if you stick to your goals to get those credits its just a bonus or bragging rights to collect a Badge, XP or anything else. Look what happen when people first started collecting the cash Badges then with XP Points they would post them in the chat as a brag to others. It got others to surf more to try to get some too. But they weren’t really thinking of the benefits of it, (IT GOT MORE CREDITS FOR THEM.) I have made many friends that way too just chatting got me some Great Friends and Teammates that way.

  2. Hi Jon another great and very important post. I totally agree with what you say here. Because I was not able to surf in the past because of mainly boredom. I do have carpel tunnel syndrome and rheumatoid arthritis in the way as well. I cannot surf allot. But with the chatting, games and prizes it makes it so much more easier and fun to get the surfing job done! I enjoy getting to know new people, the excitement of my team and the little prizes I get when I surf. The little prizes help me get to my goal easier. And sometimes with a little tylenol (can’t take anything stronger than that because of liver damage) I can go a much longer way than ever! Thanks for you great post! 🙂

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