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1 Little Thing, Can Change Your Life

1 little thing…

Can one small change really effect your life? Will one new way at looking at a big problem really change your fortunes?

I’ve started to read The Little Things by Andy Andrews this week and this book sets to challenge the popular notion that we should not ‘sweat’ the small stuff. In this book, Andy is arguing that we NEED to pay attention to the little things because they can add up to become big things. And without attention to detail, we might never see our true potential.

Great concept, but will it fly?

I started reading the book and the first chapter argued something that I completely agree with. In my industry I have heard this for years…

“There are no new ideas, everything has been done!”

This comes from people that usually ‘borrow’ the popular ideas that are in the market and found to be successful. They put a new coat of paint on their version of the idea and say there is nothing left to create. So they end up just copying what is popular. Seems pretty lazy to me.

Andy said this in his book that made me laugh and highlighted how much more there is for us to achieve as a species…

“Incidentally don’t ever allow yourself to believe that all the great ideas have been taken. Never forget, that as a society, we put men on the moon before we thought to put wheels on luggage…”

I mean. That’s hilarious.

Stop believing that there are no more great ideas to be found. He went on to talk about how it doesn’t take a massive movement to change your life, but one small fraction. One small step forward or new way at looking at a common problem. And that is so true. I think we get discouraged because we try to become the next internet business sensation.

We don’t need to be. We just need to be US.

Want to become more creative? It’s easy. Start hanging around creative people. Use more mind maps. Discuss your ideas with your peers. Share thoughts on common problems. READ MORE BOOKS!

There is no excuse for non-creative thinking. We just need to be around more people that encourage that and share our dreams and goals. Big change sometimes happens in the smallest of things. Something as simple as the examples above, could potentially change our lives forever.

Something tells me, I’m going to really enjoy this book…

4 thoughts to “1 Little Thing, Can Change Your Life”

  1. Hi, Jon, that sounds like a great book!

    Many lazy people try to take already made ideas and say it’s new with new wording and graphics when it turns out to have already been done. We know that for sure in this Industry. It’s copied over and over.

    But there have to be some new ideas out there for sure. 🙂

  2. There are times when I wonder if the TE user/consumer actually WANTS anything new?

    For the most part, they seem to want to mindlessly click on icons on numerous surfbars to possibly make pennies. Would ‘change’ be embraced? I mean, it has remained basically the same since 2002. More games, but even that is old hat.

    The same would apply to most of the associated programs people advertise. Not much has really happened in the introduction of new ideas for safelists, autoresponders, and so forth. With few exceptions (cough . . . Jon), it only takes a new name, change some colors, and people brag about the ‘new’ program – which is EXACTLY the same as the LAST 20 they jumped on (and has about as much chance at success).

    I know there are ideas being discussed, but that is about it – discussed – so far. Other than Jon and VERY few others, when will people begin to realize that rehashing old ‘stuff’ serves no real purpose to advance the model.

    I do agree, it doesn’t have to be revolutionary, just something ‘new’ along the way. Hope people pay attention to this Jon, and follow along.

    1. Thanks Rich, appreciate the comments. And yeah, it doesn’t have to revolutionize the world, but saying there is nothing new we can do…Is just lazy.

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