The $100 Start Up by Chris Guillebeau [Book Review]

The $100 Start Up is one of those books…

A book that you have seen recommended on top lists for years. Something that catches your eye every time you go into the local bookstore. A book that seems to pop up and then finally, you decide to take the dive and get into it.

This was exactly that book for me. And even though I’ve known about Chris Guillebeau’s book for years, saw it in the stores and read about it on everyone’s must-read list….I’m so glad I finally took some time to read it.

This is an entrepreneur’s manifesto!

The $100 Start Up caters to the person that wants to work from home and start a business that doesn’t want it to become the next Apple. They want it to become…Their passion. Something they can do on their own time, make some good money doing it and not sacrifice their lifestyle. It talks about entrepreneurs the world over that have made minimal investment, but added their heart and soul into their business and it translates into a minimum $50,000 a year operation.

This is huge!

All of the case studies in this book focus on businesses that make at least $50,000 a year which is very achievable, especially if you follow the Plus 1 Model, but don’t grow too big where the owner loses their lifestyle and ability to stay lean. I loved this angle. Because far too many times in business books these days, we read about entrepreneurs trying to build a business to be bought out by Google for millions. And sadly, that doesn’t happen every day. This book isn’t describing that approach at all…

It’s filled with useful tips and tricks, heart felt stories of success and failure all while staying true to the ‘$100 start up‘ philosophy of putting value and your passion above everything else.

The $100 Start Up

Sure it touches on building huge thriving businesses, but that’s not the focus of this book and that’s what makes it so special. Regular people, not Harvard grads or MIT students, that are building their dreams and creating a good living from doing so.

I think we can all find something inspiring about that because in our industry, that’s a goal I truly believe we are all after.

Overall, this book is a must read for any entrepreneur online. It’ll give you a great game plan to start your business on a shoe string budget and develop something that can change your life forever.

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6 thoughts to “The $100 Start Up by Chris Guillebeau [Book Review]”

    1. Brian – exactly. It’s not trying to teach you to be bought out by Google. It’s showing you the power and freedom of working on your own business and creating something very achievable

  1. My reading list is getting longer Mr. Olson!

    I specifically like the -Key Points- in the image. Good things to remember when considering any business. It isn’t rocket surgery, but there are specifics that must be followed. Business is business, no matter the size or location.

    Keep up the good stuff!

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