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1440 Minutes A Day. How Do You Use Them?

Sorry folks, no doom and gloom hardfork 20 post today…It’s time to move on and get ready for the flood of new Steemians that are headed our way 🙂

Today I wanted to shift gears and talk about…Time.

I read a lot and something I discovered a few years ago while nose deep in a book has stood with me to this day…And it’s about time management.

The author broke down how many minutes we had in any given 24 hour span and it worked out to 1440 minutes. We’re allocated that no matter where we are in this world and no matter what our circumstances may be. And we can’t change it. No matter how many times we would love to stretch a day out, we get 1440 minutes and that’s it.

So let’s break this down into chunks of time and see how this can effect our business and lives online.

We spend a decent chunk of those 1440 minutes sleeping. Some may spend 5 hours, others spend a full 8 hours in bed. So regardless of how much you do choose to sleep, that’s a sizeable chunk of your daily time gone.

If you go to work everyday and have to commute, add another few hours to our list of spent time….

A full days work knocks off another 8 hours and we’re left with about…Roughly 6-7 hours of ‘spare time‘ every day. Oh wait…Let’s not forget family time, dinner time and leisure time….

1440 minutes…

That’s not a lot of time is it? Especially when you factor in all the aspects of life, it seems like we may only get a few hours to ourselves a day. And what do most people do with those precious hours?

Take your pick…

– Sit in front of the TV
– Watch a movie
– Waste time on social media (that doesn’t reward you lol)

Heaven forbid we…Work on ourselves rather than waste it away!

This lesson I learned so many years ago plays a huge part in my life to this day because I know how valuable time is. And if we don’t invest that time in growing and building ourselves, one might argue we are…Wasting time.

So here’s an exercise that worked for me and I know it can work for you…

Take those 2-3 hours you usually spend in front of the TV and…Grow!

– Pick up a book.

– Watch an educational show.

– Attend a live event….like @Steemfest 😉

– Purchase some personal growth training material.

– Grow YOUR professional network.

Personally, nothing and I mean nothing helps me more than reading. I’m addicted to it and I have seen what it does for my business and personal life when I’m nose deep in a book. Because to me there is nothing better than investing 20 bucks in a book and having some personal time to devour it.

I CHOOSE to allocate some of those 1440 minutes into personal growth and it’s helped me more than I could ever explain.

At the end of the day, no one can force you to choose what you do with YOUR time. But the clock is ticking…

It’s the one asset we never get back. So I would implore you to…Choose what you do with your time wisely!

(And thanks for spending about 2 of those 1440 minutes today reading my blog. I hope it was of value and worth YOUR time!!!)


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