1440 minutes

1440 Minutes

As I’m nearing the end of Russell Brunson’s Expert Secrets I can tell you that this book should be mandatory reading for anyone looking to build an online business.

I’m going to paraphrase a quote from Russell. He may not have said it exactly like this…But his message hit me like a ton of bricks…

“Money replenishes. Time does not…”


How much truth is there in that statement? It makes you ask yourself…What am I doing with my 1440 minutes today?

1440 minutes

Think about this…We have the ability to make money today, tomorrow and next week. We will always have another at bat (God willing!) but what about time…

Once our most valuable asset is used up, it’s done for good. We don’t get a second chance at life, we aren’t allowed to press the reset button and return to our youth. We have to allocate those 1440 minutes wisely.

I guess it comes down to happiness and personal goals.

If you are happy with your current situation or even unhappy at them, you can look at all the decisions you have made in your lifetime that has brought you to this moment. How did you allocate those 1440 minutes every day over the past decade?

How about last week? What did you do on Monday that really helped or hindered your personal growth?

Powerful when you think about it because it makes us really take notice to what we do with our time.

We can make money online! Every single one of us can! I’m nothing special and am just like any other person with a dream. I never had anything given to me, but certain decisions I made years ago are starting to pay big dividends today.

It all came from choosing wisely. Choosing to put effort and attention into personal growth and development rather than (….wait for it, it’s broken record time…) watching re-runs of Friends!

That’s Plus 1…In every aspect of it. Choose something today, that you have never chosen to do before…And get ready for your life to change forever!

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