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$2.74 Per Day Sounds Great…How Do I Reach That?

Yesterday I discussed how we should ‘gamify everything’

From our affiliate commissions to our journey here on Steem….And everything in between!

And one of the first examples I shared was my ‘$2.74 a day model’ that I’ve taught for a decade online…

It’s pretty simple, on paper…Reach $2.74 a day in affiliate commissions. Make that every single day for a year…Presto, you’ve earn a thousand bucks from your online business!

Sounds simple right?

Truth be told, it’s one of th hardest lessons you will learn when you first get started. Yes, we need to build our lists. Yes we need to create daily content. And of course, we need to grow our networks…

But that’s nothing we haven’t heard before….

How about a step by step guide to achieving and reaching $2.74 a day? And best of all, what if your journey here on Steem and CTP Talk could help you reach $2.74…Sooner rather than later?

Let’s dive in…

To hit this goal, you wanna basically ‘plug‘ yourself into a community. Thank goodness for @ClickTrackProfit

And here’s why I think the first step in achieving this goal is literally, staring right at you!

You see, take a look at the top CTP Token holders…

ctp tokens

Our tribe ROCKS!!!

The majority of these people are extremely active at curating within the system itself. So if you are pumping out regular content, the fact is, most of these people will upvote you.

And take a look at the trending on CTPtalk.com right now, most of the posts have between 150-250 CTP Tokens….And currently, CTP is trading at just below a penny each…

(Obviously this swing a lot throughout the day as there is still very low trading volume on CTP Tokens…For now ;))

So you are literally half way to $2.74 right there….Just from creating content on CTP Talk!

But wait…There’s more….

Remember how this blockchain works. You also get paid for curating content!

So let’s say you are fairly active on CTPtalk.com and you curate 5-10 pieces of content a day…There’s a few more CTP Tokens to add to your daily total…

You are close to $2.74 just from your daily actions on CTPtalk.com ALONE!

Oh yeah….Almost forgot to mention…You also earn Steem ON TOP of what you earn oN CTPtalk too…So worst case scenario, just from creating daily and curating daily here on the blockchain….You are very close to that $2.74 a day!

Crazy right?

And you haven’t done anything ‘extra’ at all…You’ve just shown up, every day and created! You’ve curated. And you’ve engaged with this amazing community….

We started calling CTPtalk and @ClickTrackProfit the ‘No Excuse Program’ for a reason…


You can literally ‘plug yourself’ into this community and get started on yoru journey….The right way. Building a solid foundation of not only commissions and crypto..But also a portfolio of content and an amazing network of people that will support you every step of the way!

We think….Thats pretty cool 🙂



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