2 Critical Steps To Master Before You Advertise Anything Online [VIDEO]

Learning to advertise online! It’s a funny little concept. Since the first banner ads to the latest PPC technology, we’ve been on the never ending mission to master online advertising.

I think we have it all backwards personally!

I think we focus so much on the ad and where to advertise, we forget that there are a few crucial steps we need to take before we spend a single dollar on advertising.

We need a new formula for better results with our online advertising…We need to work on our brands first, learn how to market that brand and then start our advertising campaigns….


This is how I break it down…

Step 1 – Build our brands! Whether it’s a personal brand or a corporate brand, this is the first step to building a strong and growing online business. Years ago I decided that instead of being a jack of all trades, I would focus my energy on one thing and become as good as I could possibly be at that one thing. because of that, my brand started to develop as the go to expert in that field. This took time and it took a lot of effort, but the pay off was huge. And yes, branding in itself is a whole other topic that is important and many books have been written about it. But the important part of this new formula is to develop your brand first, before you start on the next step…

Step 2 – Marketing To Build Your Position! Marketing is a term that gets thrown around a lot but here’s my two cents on what it stands for. This is about learning who your customer is, and discover what they want and need so that you can provide it for them. While doing this, your position as an industry leader begins to grow. We need to spend time on finding out who our target market is, so that we can add value to their lives. This is so important. And how do we do that? We ask them! Use surveys, write a blog post, use your email list….Ask your customers WHAT they want! And you start to develop a customer profile…This brings us to the next step…

And now we can….Advertise To Maintain Your Position! We haven’t spent a dime on advertising yet but now that we have a strong personal brand and we know who our target market is, now we can dive into the fun filled world of online advertising. But instead of using advertising to attract new customers, maybe we let our brand and marketing attract new people and use advertising to not only retain our awesome customers but maintain our position in the industry.

This takes money, effort and consistency but because your first two steps in this formula are rocking…This is EFFECTIVE advertising! Every dollar you spend, should bring a great return.

13 thoughts to “2 Critical Steps To Master Before You Advertise Anything Online [VIDEO]”

  1. Good tips as always Jon. What stuck out for me personally is focusing on the brand. If we rush to advertising what your promoting, may not be such a good thing. If you don’t have a vision for your brand and build it accordingly you could not be accomplishing anything, or worse shooting yourself in the foot.

    And of course sharing right after responding 🙂

    1. Thanks man, yeah completely agree…We rush to advertise everything online yet dont stop and think WHAT we are advertising.

  2. So true Jon! WE get so much stuff all day every day we do not have time to look at it. But if we get something from someone we know that has what we want, we can find it and take a close look. On the other hand if we have followed up with people on our list and asked the right questions, we know what they want and can make sure that they get it. Thanks for the awesome video and post on this information that will increase the results of those who follow it.

  3. Jon:

    I’ve told countless people this reality for decades now. Thank you for letting me feel that perhaps I actually NOT the only lit candle in the dark spaces! I’d like to put this video on my blog as a “required” lesson for my internet marketing students, if you would allow it. (Full credit, of course!) You’ve said it much better than I have. That must be true because I got three pages of notes on your presentation! 🙂

    Best Regards,

    Bud Fields
    “The Webcast Guru”

  4. Such an important point that is so often overlooked – no matter how much folks like yourself and others have told us over and over again.

    You see ads plastered all over the place and – to make matters even worse, people often have no profile picture on their ad. They have a “blob.” By the way, a blob with glasses is still a blob.

    Maybe this is a good time for folks in the industry to start re-focusing. It might be hard to get away from advertising anything and everything to try to earn some money online, but if we truly want to be in “business,” then we must find our niche and then be immersed in it.

    Thanks for a great blog post and video.

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