2 Reasons Why You Need To Read More Books

I love books! Just in case you haven’t read the dozens of book reviews or the countless live streams I do about what I’m reading…

I have called my personal library my ‘secret weapon‘ for over a decade and fall in love with reading books on a daily basis.

However just hearing me rave about the latest escapade I make to the book store doesn’t really help you uncover WHY reading is so important to your business and personal grwoth. So in this blog post I’m going to share 2 big points on why after this blog post and video, you should run to your local bookstore and fall in love with reading all over again…

1. The Return On Investment Is A No Brainer

Check out this snippet that I found when I finished reading Anthony Iannarino’s Only Sales Book You’ll Ever Need last week…


About a penny an hour…

Think about it!

You can essentially get John C. Maxwell to become your personal mentor and teach you everything he knows about leadership for about a penny an hour. That just blows my mind! I can get mentored by thought leaders and experts in their chosen field for such an affordable price, it makes hiring a personal mentor affordable for all. These men and women are in my living room and office with me daily, and teaching me about all their success and failures.

That to me, is one of the most important reasons why people need to read more books, especially if they are in the affiliate marketing or online business world.

But wait, there’s more….

2. The Ideas, Inspiration, Motivation & Ah Ha Moments Are Endless

Every now and again, I get into a slump. I get frustrated at life, work and the daily events that surround my existence. Hey we all do! However nothing snaps me out of it quicker than picking up a book.

For example, last night I spent about 2 hours reading. I came out of those two hours with 4 pages of notes and an entire page of ideas for blog posts and YouTube videos to record.

Before that, i was not really bummed out, but I wasn’t pumped up for business per se. After those 2 hours, I didn’t want to sleep. I wanted to create content. I wanted to write more blog posts and record some videos. All from spending a few hours with my ‘mentors’.

And this is what happens when you make a daily habit of reading more books. It changes things. Your world view and business view changes. You can se things in a different light and the best part….You get fired up in the process!

One thought to “2 Reasons Why You Need To Read More Books”

  1. I love it Jon.

    My own tracking shows that my post and emails about books have typically had the lowest click though and open rates of anything else I do.

    But I’m not stopping. Every one of my mentors, the people I read and follow read tons.

    Just about every successful entrepreneur talks about the power of reading.

    I agree you can’t beat the value.

    I’m happy to hold a John C Maxwell book in my lap but John C himself, I think he is a pretty big guy…it would be painful.

    A fellow book nerd.


    PS I have no idea what Fear Factor is.

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