25 Ways To Win With People by John C Maxwell & Les Parrott [Book Review]

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of John C. Maxwell. There isn’t an author alive I have learned more from.

Like I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, I was introduced to John C. Maxwell by my business partner Justin Ledvina. He suggested that I dig deep into Winning With People by John C. Maxwell and I was hooked. The way John wrote was so refreshing and I literally couldn’t put that book down.

Since then I’ve read dozens of John’s book and when I discovered that he actually wrote a follow up to Winning With People years ago…I was beside myself.

25 Ways To Win With People

This is 25 Ways To Win With People which is essentially the nuts and bolts of what he talked about in Winning With People. Which the first book had a lot of great advice and suggestions, this book dove right into the nitty gritty. It is co-authored by Les Parrott who suggested that John follow up on his previous work with this book…John did one better, he recommended that Les help him write it.

John C Maxwell

The book is broken into 25 detailed steps on how to build stronger relationships with customers, clients and people in your life. Each ‘step‘ has two parts to it. One is Les’s examples of when he saw John ‘winning with people. Then John follows it up with practical real life steps we can take to grow our relationships with others. Each step or chapter is ended with key chapter points to follow which makes this book very easy to read and put into practice.

John C Maxwell book

I was taking notes the entire time! And copying the awesome quotes that are used to emphasize each step the authors are trying to make.

Yes, I’m biased!

And this book did nothing but continue my enjoyment of all of John C. Maxwell’s work! 25 Ways To Win With People is the perfect follow up to Winning With People which is still my favorite book Mr. Maxwell has ever written. A great addition to my library and collection of Maxwell books!

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4 thoughts to “25 Ways To Win With People by John C Maxwell & Les Parrott [Book Review]”

  1. Great book review again Jon! I’m reading John C Maxwell’s The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth at the moment. Very slowly – for some reason I don’t get as much time to read as I used to. I need to dedicate more time to it but maybe not as much as a whole day 🙂

    1. Just a chapter a day…..Takes the naysayers away 🙂 lol

      That’s how I got started to get into books big time…Just a chapter every day. My goal was to read a book a month. Then two a month and so on…

  2. Great Book review Jon. Yea I read Winning With People , loved it was a great read. Now This book 25 Ways to Win with People is now on my list of books I have to get.

    1. Thanks man, yeah dude it’s an awesome follow up. To the point with great examples on how to put things into action immediately.

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