25k Steem Powered Up!

I hit a small little goal I set for myself…That about a year or so ago, never in a million years thought I would achieve…

First, a short back story!

I joined Steem in December 2017, right at the height of the crypto craze. Steem was hovering around 4-5 bucks each and still kept climbing. The price to me, was a steal because of what Steem represented. Massive, unheard of, opportunity!

I dove in and started soaking up as much information about the blockchain as I could…

I then wrote the 5-500-5000 Formula in January of 2018. The goal was simple…

1. Interact and Engage with 5 people everyday

2. Reach 500 Followers

3. Get my Steem Power to 5000.

Those were my goals for 2018….

I hit 500 followers in April of 2018, and then 5000 Steem Power about a year ago (October / November 2018)

I would have never thought that could be possible but I stuck to my formula and kept building…Every single day.

Since then, I’ve gone on to….


663 posts on 676 days of being on the blockchain….And 8650 comments as well.

So an average of 12.80 comments / engagement a day….And almost a post a day since I started….

And here we are!


25,000 Steem Power!!!!

Half way to Orca-Hood 🙂

And I really didn’t do anything to be honest, that pushed my limits. Of course, super cheap Steem prices helped 🙂

But I never spent a penny more than I could afford to lose. I dollar cost averaged every week and just created content. Almost daily!

That attracted the support of some of the most amazing people I have met in my online career – The Steemians that make this place so special. I was supported with delegation from @NathanMars and @CaptainBob , your belief and support in both @SteemSavvy & @ClickTrackProfit meant so much! As well as upvotes from the awesome people here on Steem. Because I could have never reached this without the support and votes from everyone that has ever read my posts or engaged with me.

Thank you so much! I am beyond grateful!

So instead of pretending this is some Oscar speech, I’ll leave you with this…

Create! Engage! Network!

This is the biggest opportunity I have ever been a part of and now is the time to take advantage of all the potential here…When the ‘doubters’ show up, this is when the foundations are laid.

On to the next 25k 🙂



The Union Is Here!

Blockchain meets Affiliate Marketing….

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