The 3 C’s Of Adding Value To Any Business

Last week I did a seminar series on what I referred to as the 3 keys to building a business of value. Today I thought we could recap a very eventful week that was…

Consistency – This is something you can’t ‘learn‘. No e-book or home training course on the planet will teach you how to literally, show up every day and crush it. This is where your reason WHY comes into play. Why are you trying to build an online business? Why are you trying to create something of value? What is the BIG reason why that you are in business for yourself. This is your fuel! This fires you up and when the roller coaster starts to dip, you are still riding strong.

Easy to say, not as easy to do…Showing up as much in a year from now, as you are when you first get started…Is what will separate you from 99% of your competition!

Content – Showing up everyday is fine and dandy, but if you aren’t giving VALUE to your customers then just simply showing up, won’t cut it. You need to be providing content for your customers as much as possible, preferably every day. And in 2016, it’s as easy as ever to give value through awesome content. Using blogs, videos, email series, social media, live streaming, pod casts, shareable graphics…The sky is the limit! And the best thing about the majority of these avenues…They are free!

There is simply no excuse for NOT adding value to your members / customers! What should you write about, blog about, podcast about? What keeps you up at night? What are you passionate about? What would you do for free, even if you never got paid for it….Once you find that, creating content and adding value is almost natural!

Cool S&#t (Errrrr……Stuff) – This is the hardest part of the equation because it truly is a gut check for many marketers and business people. You need to create content and products that people…LOVE!

Let me put it a little more bluntly. If you are creating generic and average products and content…You will attract generic and average customers. You want AWESOME people reading and purchasing your AWESOME products and content. You need to be remrakbale or else coming to market will be an uphill battle that you may never conquer.

This is the magic part of the equation, and honestly the hardest pill to swallow because we all think we are the jack of all trades. But creating cool stuff, is your maturity as a business person to concentrate on doing what you do best, and allow other experts to excel at what they do. Sharing my own personal experience, this was when I formed our company with Justin Ledvina and Tim Linden…Let’s be honest anyone that knows me, knows I can’t design to save my life and programming to me is similar to understanding Mandarin.

So I decided, like each of us did, to concentrate on what WE EACH did best, and let the others do what they did best. And the result? Was cool stuff! Was revolutionary products and services in our industry. Was things that people still to this day, absolutely love.

That’s powerful! That’s how you bring value to market!

Show up every day, when you competition gives up. Create content that is awesome and adds value to market. And do cool stuff, that isn’t average and that attracts the perfect customer and community for your business!

6 thoughts to “The 3 C’s Of Adding Value To Any Business”

  1. I have always admired and appreciated the teamwork and dedication to each other that TimTech has shown.
    The most telling thing about the effectiveness of your team is longevity. I can see that not only are you reacting, adjusting and evolving for the future; you are proactively shaping that future for yourselves and your subscribers.
    So Hat’s off to TimTech. may we all learn from them. You can bet Wealth Builders will be.

    1. Thanks Evelyn, it’s endured for sure. I’m not the easiest to get a long with but those guys understand me. And we feed off each other, and try to make each other better each day. It’s a journey for sure 🙂

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