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3 Daily Tasks That Help Build Your Personal Brand

Building a personal brand online can take quite sometime. You need to develop trust, build relationships and provide value daily to your customers and in turn, they start looking to you for advice and business information.

Over time, this starts to snowball and you become an ‘expert’. People think of you as their go to reference for issues online and take everything you say with high respect and regard.

Perfect situation right? Too bad this isn’t as easy as pressing a few buttons and instant reputation…It takes time!

Here’s three FREE things you can do everyday that will help your personal brand today and tomorrow (and a year from now)

1) Bookmark and visit 3-5 of your favorite blogs and not just look for new content by COMMENT on the posts. People will be attracted to folks that comment and are active daily. This shows people you are someone to pay attention to!

2) Visit forums like Net Marketing Forum daily and COMMENT! This should be a no brainer, but check out all the ‘bots’ from the search engines that are spidering this thing each and every day. That means, free potential traffic via the search engines that is laser targeted. Want more free traffic? Comment more and add more value to NMF!

3) Create content daily! And that doesn’t mean writing a blog post or doing a video on YouTube daily (but that helps LOL) It means commenting on Facebook posts, retweeting Tweets that interest you. Like things on Instagram…Be VISIBLE! And show others that you are an action taker.

These tasks don’t cost a penny but do require some elbow grease. Remember, the key is to do this daily and make it a part of your daily duties. We can stay ‘busy’ all day long but if you get into the habit of doing daily tasks like these, your personal brand will grow!

23 thoughts to “3 Daily Tasks That Help Build Your Personal Brand”

  1. Jon, I find it interesting that your first point is blog commenting. I always wonder if this is one of the reasons why you permit commenting on YOUR blog. As you know, not many bloggers allow this benefit. I feel really good knowing that this tried and true strategy still works. It seems as though there are plenty of those that would say otherwise.

    I especially like contributing to forums but I find that the ideal ones are tough to find. Thanks for making a note of this one. Most likely I will be adding Net Marketing Forum to my daily arsenal. I tend to frequent Marketing Checkpoint (another forum), by the way.

    Keep helping us out, Jon, by posting regularly and I just may bookmark YOUR blog. Blessings, sir!

    1. Thanks Kevin, appreciate the comments man. Oh for sure, I encourage comments and would love to see more. It’s currency for bloggers πŸ™‚ The more comments, the better we feel LOL

      But the bigger benefit is to the commenters that take part in the discussion while others watch from the side lines. Those observers start to become spenders, affiliates and eventually leaders…And it could all start from something you say in a comment or forum post.

      Pretty powerful πŸ™‚

    2. I’m someone mentioned this Kevin. Has always irked me. If your trying to establish connections with people and get your brand out there, why would you not want people commenting. Pure insanity, I mean it still “brands” these people, but brands them as pontificating know it all’s that can’t be bothered for my 1/2 cent. Probably not the best way to start a conversation πŸ™‚

  2. Thank you, Jon for the great post! Branding is a complicated thing and it does take more than one method of promoting yourself. I really appreciate all the great advice you give us and I always look forward to reading the next blog post you write.

    1. I concur Laura, it is complicated. Especially the way it is presented to us. I think that is why I and many gravitate towards Jon. The KISS approach he not only utilizes, but the way he presents it is very straight forward and concise. Leave it to him to make something so many have convoluted into something as simple as hey if you want to be seen, than get out there and be seen via the quickest and cost effective ways possible.

    1. Appreciate the comments sir. Thanks very much. I love putting content out there and if it helps people, that’s such a huge bonus for me πŸ™‚

  3. Very True Jon, there is lots of stuff which can be done on Social Media, Blogs etc which does not require any investment. It is about the commitment and efforts we are ready to put in to build our own brand.

  4. Initiate Step!!

    Yeah man when people think of “content” they always go to the extreme, which is daunting for many. Than they get frustrated and don’t do anything.

    Key is start small and build on it, if only there was a site a site preaching just improving a bit daily. Someone should work on just 1 small improvement a day, like a plus 1 thing. Well maybe someday πŸ™‚

    Fail on Step 2- I myself need to take this advice for NMF been there a bit, not enough. Again many people see all the sections and posts and get overwhelmed. So again this is for myself as much as anyone, pick one section or post thread and go to town, but not just to create “content” you will also make great contacts, be seen as an action taker, and I believe Rich mentioned the SEO is going crazy over there, so why not jump on that train and ride it a bit.

    Step 3 thoughts…well I think most here know my thought on this and how most have failed, and sadly it’s one of the easiest things you can do. Throw up a few good posts, say hi to some folks, retweet some cool blogs and only takes five minutes to do. If you say you don’t have time I can recommend some good time management classes, lol.

    Great stuff as always!!

    1. Thanks man, yeah dude…Just go log into Net Marketing Forum and guaranteed, there is a bot hanging out lol

      Loads of SEO implications, but it doesn’t benefit lurkers….It benefits people that post and comment!

      1. I think lurking describes most in blogland too πŸ™‚

        You know many read the blog but so few take a few seconds to say something, strange how you mention it and now some great interaction, lol.

    1. Oh I agree….I post these blog posts all the time in Facebook and in various Skype groups….Yet very few take action.

      But then we throw their hands in the air, say it’s hard to build a brand and give up….

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