3 Must Have Tools For Internet Marketing Success [VIDEO]

Oh the fun fun world of internet marketing! I’ve been in this business since the late 1990’s and have seen trends come and go almost every month.

One new widget is the must have tool, guaranteed to make you succeed. The next month it’s a flashy new social network that you HAVE to be involved with.

Funny…But some things haven’t changed much when it comes to must have tools for your business. Sure trends and fads come and go, but these 3 tools are paramount to any successful marketer online!

1. The AutoResponder – If I have one regret in this business, it’s that I didn’t start building my list when I first got started. Nothing has given me more return on my investments than working on my mailing lists. And to do that, you need a solid email management system. You must be able to collect leads, set up auto responder series and be able to broadcast to your customers and that’s what an autoresponder does. I think of it as my way to connect with customers whenever I want, and as long as I’m providing value to them, they don’t mind getting my updates in their inbox.

2. The Tracking Service – People love Google analytics and for good reason. When you KNOW what is working, where people are clicking and what people are spending their time on at your websites, you can market appropriately. I have to be honest though, Google Analytics is way over my head, so I like a much more straight forward and simple approach to tracking. However the theory is still valid, you need to know what is working, when it’s working, why it’s working, how it’s working and where’s it’s working. And a solid tracking service does that for you!

3. A Platform – It doesn’t matter if it’s a blog, a video journal, live streaming or a membership site…The important thing is that you need a platform to build your brand and get your messages across. I chose multiple platforms in my business, but my blogs (like the one you are reading now) are the easiest to set up and work on. But you may be better behind the camera on video. Or maybe doing a weekly podcast. No matter what it is, it’s important that you build a strong platform that potentially can build a thriving customer base and community.

One final note…All these tools are absolutely useless without the most important ‘tool’ of all…It will determine whether you are a success or failure before you even begin. It’s what separates the 99% that fail, with the 1% that keep working hard. And here’s the best part…it doesn’t cost a thing.

You MUST have the right attitude!

Without the right attitude you’ll say things like “I have an autoresponder but nothing to email my customers about“…

You may also say things like “I’m using a tracker, but I’m not making any money…I’m giving up!”…

Or you may have a blog but say “I’m not an author, I have nothing of value to write about!”…

You see…Even with all those tools, they are useless without the right attitude! Learn how to write, learn how to track, learn about ad copy, learn about email marketing and with the right attitude, the results can be remarkable!

2 thoughts to “3 Must Have Tools For Internet Marketing Success [VIDEO]”

  1. Very Well Said & Put Together, Now my Synopsis: You mentioned Ever Green Products, Passion & Attitude which are so vital to future success with online marketing and the same rules apply for every niche. Thanks for another Amazing Plus1 Success Basket of Nuggets! 🙂

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