3 Reasons You Are Failing To Meet Your Potential

I’m reading a fantastic new book right now called Stickability by Greg S. Reid, and it’s been jam packed with some great content for personal development and self-improvement. So much so that the first chapter alone, blew me away and I wanted to share with you what Greg considers to be the main 3 reasons people fail in business and self-improvement…

Here’s his 3 reasons that you are failing to meet your potential (with commentary by yours truly….)


1. Your Inability To Work Well With Others
– It’s funny when I read this because I related to it so much. I’m a very polarizing figure in my industry. Some people like me, but there are a group of people that cringe when they hear or read my name. And I understand why. It’s not their fault, I don’t blame them…I’m truly am my own worst enemy. You see, as much as I say I want to work with everyone and be liked by all, the fact of the matter is, I dig my own grave at times because I don’t ‘shut up’ and listen. I say things that upset some folks, and that’s my own fault. Lesson for me is this…Enjoy the process, and realize not everyone will agree with you. Doesn’t make them wrong or right, it just is the way it is. People aren’t against you, they are for themselves!

2. Quitting Never Wins – Life happens! Things don’t always go smoothly. This is entrepreneurship so that means it’s going to be a roller coaster. Something I have told myself for years was simply, don’t get too high on yourself when things are good. And the world isn’t ending if business is slow. I truly believe my success in business comes from my stubbornness and inability to ‘give up’. Sure things haven’t always been great, every who has attended a Plus 1 Daily show has heard of my trials and tribulations with building online businesses…But I never gave up. I never quit. Echoing the first point, I do think we can be our own worst enemy. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try something new if what you are currently doing isn’t working…But never just ‘give up’ because it’s hard.

3. The Disease of Procrastination – Can you fail before you even begin? Absolutely when you are sick with the disease of procrastination. Nothing kills productivity and success more than never trying to begin with. You must have heard that old saying that you ‘win by just showing up’…Well half of the people that may read this, won’t show up! They’ll read the post, get inspired, say they are about to change their ways but then flick on the TV to watch a re-run of Seinfeld instead of working on themselves and their business. Their reason? It’s too hard. It’s too much. It’s too big. It’s only for the elite. It’s not for me. The excuses are endless, so they don’t even begin…But the funny thing is, momentum builds momentum. Once you get the ball rolling, you start seeing some positive things and BAM….The stars start aligning. But they only do when you put that first step forward…

Here’s the recorded show from today’s session….

2 thoughts to “3 Reasons You Are Failing To Meet Your Potential”

  1. Your Right Jon Quitters Never Win. They whine allot but they never win. Had a family member try to get me to quit this all a few days ago. He just couldn’t understand that the payoff to all of this isn’t always Instant that it takes time.

    1. Yessir….I always share with people that I started online in like 1998….Didn’t start making real money until 2004/2005…..That’s about 7 years of failing, and a whole lot of trial and error.

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