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3 Seconds [VIDEO]

3 seconds! That might be all that you have….

We live in a world of 140 characters or less. A world filled with status updates, phone notifications, CNN late breaking news, marketing and advertising messages everywhere. And as affiliate marketers, that means the odds are stacked against us…

How can we, stick out?

How do we, stand out?

And how can we capture and KEEP people’s attention in today’s society.

Let me go even further….I think we might only have 3 seconds to make an impact for our potential customer. There’s a popular urban legend that says we live in the day and age where people have the attention span of a goldfish, and as funny as that might be…I truly believe it.

So in those 3 seconds…Those critical 3 seconds, we need to have some shock and awe so that people are not pulled away from what we are offering.

Create excitement!

Show some passion!

And do it so that people are hooked in for the next little while at least. Look, I’m not saying marketers need to grab people’s attention and hold it for 6 hours straight…It won’t happen like that…But if we make sure everything we are doing in those first few seconds of exposure is capturing our viewer or readers attention, we are on the right path.

I’ve stated for years that people have made up their mind in…

1 second if they’ve seen or heard of your brand before.

2 seconds if they want to move on and look at something new.

Or 3 seconds, if their attention is captured long enough, to continue to watch or read what you are offering.

3 seconds!

That’s all we have. And if you are smart about it and creative enough about it…That is all you will ever need to make an impact and capture your viewers attention!

2 thoughts to “3 Seconds [VIDEO]”

  1. Hi Jon thanks that was a good refresher course. 🙂 Not only to we need to stick out all on our pages but we need to constantly be out there getting people to know, like and trust us and not forget us!

    1. Absolutely Barb, it’s so important. Because the more people know like and trust you, the more attention they will spend.

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