3 Tips To Build Your Epic Platform [VIDEO]

Building the perfect platform by using content marketing is one of the best things I have ever done or my business.

It’s crazy to think that I started writing in my blogs over 13 years ago in 2003 but it’s something I have enjoyed so much over the years. The relationships I’ve built, the people I’ve met, the success I have experienced have all been direct results from showing up every week and creating content for my readers and subscribers. However building a platform isn’t as easy as setting up a blog, writing a few articles and cashing checks. It takes time. It takes some creativity. And most importantly it takes patience.

Here are three tips that have helped me over the years build platforms that have positioned me as someone who SOMETIMES knows a thing or two about online business.

1. You Must Have Passion – I know, I know. People seem to hate the word passion and I understand why. They throw the word around without any follow through or action after they claim to the world that they have ‘passion’. I understand that but here’s my thing…People can smell a fake a mile away. If you aren’t in LOVE with what you are putting out in the market. If it doesn’t give you chills thinking about it’s potential. If you don’t stay awake at night dreaming of your business…The passion isn’t there. This is the start. This is where the foundation for your platform will be laid for the years to come.

2. Purple Cow Your Content – Sticking out from the crowd and making what you offer a little bit different than everyone else is so critical in 2016. It’s insane how many times I’ve heard people say…”I have a blog! It’s about affiliate marketing…” O.K., that’s great but what makes YOU different than all the others? Why would your potential readers come back to see what you are offering? Now I’m not saying you need to change the world with your blog or platform. However it needs to be…Cool. I needs to be sticky. It needs to be something that people want to talk about, to share and to get excited about. If it’s just another Word Press blog with a default theme…Well, it’s time to change it up!

3. Consistency Is Key – The journey to a thousand miles starts with one step…That’s true. But the journey to building an epic platform starts with another step, and then another, and then another…It’s really not very exciting to tell someone to write and create content for a year with the CHANCE of making some cash at the end of the 12 months…I get it, we live in the microwave society of this decade. But showing up, every day, over time is the sure fire way to big results. Create your platform and build a strong and loyal audience by showing up…Daily. Monthly. Yearly!

These three tips have helped me since 2003 and I know they will help you. What is your platform? Do you have a blog? Do you love social media to attract new audiences? What tools have you found useful? Be sure to comment below and for one lucky read Iwill be sending them a copy of Michael Hyatt’s brilliant book that is properly titled ‘Platform – Get Noticed In A Noisy World‘ next week.


I can’t wait to read what is working for you 🙂

4 thoughts to “3 Tips To Build Your Epic Platform [VIDEO]”

  1. Hey Jon,

    Could I spill the beans on my content marketing?

    I started my blog whoiscarldavies.com in early January this Year and been blogging in the IM niche helping people in this niche because I am generally passionate about it. All I do is follow the “Learn, Do, Teach” model. You may of hear about this or not.. And I simply promote on the major Social media sites. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Linkedin. And post in a few blog syndication groups and email my list… I can do all this in under 30 mintes and has become a good habit. Once people get past the 6 months period, people will see it’s enjoyable and they can deliver huge value, make an impact and become an expert long-term.

  2. Shout out to the Purple Cow fans! http://imgur.com/gallery/tS3eFE6 Jon recommended this a couple years back and it is more valid than ever today. I have done everything online but the one consistent effort has always been to my websites/blogs. My strongest area has been Q&A on how to get a blog going and basic understanding of the tools and such. Most people reach out to me on Facebook more than anything. I concentrated a lot of my attention to Facebook in 2015 and its paid huge dividends for my wife and I. That’s the main reason I still love using traffic exchanges is for the social connection aspect. They all have those icons for a reason! Use Them! Love the post Jon and you know I enjoy the show. Your doing a great service for the “Little Guy” in this “Huge Monster” we call online marketing. Thank you! Mike Lawton

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