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3 Tips On Designing The Perfect Game Plan For Success

We all need a game plan! Whether it’s for building a business, getting in shape, developing a schedule, or even tackling the in’s and outs of daily life…We need to have something we can follow to achieve the most and maximize our efforts.

I finished up The Top 1% this week and will be doing a full book review on the weekend but I thought I’d share with you a few nuggets I learned while reading this book.

This is what Dan Strutzel (the author of the Top 1%) called his ‘grand conspiracy’. Or 3 things that were his road map or game plan to living an extraordinary life. These were some compelling truths and I would love to echo what he talked about, simply because I’ve seen for myself how powerful these can be when we focus on them….

1. Get Connected – If you are spiritual, this is God. If your family life takes top priority, it’s with them. Is your business and community where you feel the most fulfilment? Guess what…It’s all about relationships! Yup, that’s the key to living a truly remarkable and exceptional life, it all comes down to the relationships you build. Think about it, without others in your life, it gets pretty lonely and if you are like me not only do you value the relationships you build, you actually want to GROW them in the process. This is a win win scenario. You are adding value to the people you care about the most, while being fulfilled in the process. It starts and ends with the relationships you build.

2. Get Real – I got something different from this point that was shared. For me, this is about being true to yourself. Not faking it to make it. Learning what and where your efforts can be best served and then developing them for a lifetime of growth. For example, you have heard me talk about your 3 vital functions before…Meaning, we need to concentrate and focus on the things we do better than anyone else and grow in those areas. That’s perfect because going back to the ‘relationships’, we again start to serve our businesses and our peers the most when we focus on what we are best at. I’m never going to be a programmer, but I’ll create content until I’m blue in the face…That’s one of my vital functions. That serves the most people and my business partners the best!

3. Get Passionate – Oh I know this is such a buzzword these days…But without passion and a LOVE for what you do, everything else is worthless. Yes, we need to follow it up with action but it starts with passion. If I’m not passionate about what I do, I can’t focus on my vital functions. And the trickle down effect is that I then can’t serve the relationships I’m building…So yes, take some time and discover what you absolutely LOVE and you’ll never ‘work’ a day in your life.

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  1. Hey Jon, awesome post man, this is absolutely essential to create the road map and vision for success. I look forward to more content and value that you deliver. Thanks!

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