A 3 Way Win! [VIDEO]

Talk about a win-win-win scenario! There are so many benefits to practice list building, I thought I would tackle this from a different angle.

You’ve heard it literally since day one…You need to build your list.

Heaven knows I’ve said it a few times on this blog, but what if we take a look at the people who directly benefit from email marketing?

We think it’s just the program creator who benefits! Maybe the affiliate / promoter wins…I’m going to put this out there, there are actually 3 parties that ‘win’ when online marketers practice list building. Here’s how:


1. The Customer – They win BIG time! Not only do they get a fantastic new product that will add huge value to their business, they are developing great buying habits and investing in themselves. Now obviously, this is assuming that the product creator and affiliate marketer are giving the customer a great product and value is there, but I know that’s not always the case sadly in this business. Regardless, I’ll assume for this example, the product is absolutely awesome! So with that, we have a win for the customer!

2. The Product Creator – This is another big win because sure, the creator makes some cash from the sale but there are bigger reasons. The first being their business grows and starts to build the reputation of someone who produces great products. This not only helps them develop a stronger brand in the industry but allows for future launches to go great.

3. The Affiliate / Promoter – Here’s something very cool. The promoter is actually building relationships with both their customer and the creator of the product. This is huge! The customer will trust the promoter in the future for being behind great products and they also build a working relationship with the product creator. Oh yeah, and don’t forget the moolah they will make too 😉

I love thinking about this!

This is the power of list building from the angle of all parties winning and each relationship growing.

Personally, these reasons alone are enough for me to jump into email marketing….Yesterday 🙂

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