3 Tips To ‘Outlove’ Your Competition & Build Customer Loyalty

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Do you have a good idea?

It’ll be acted upon before you take action…

Is your business idea better than anything you have seen in the market?

It will be copied….

Are you starting to get great results from your advertising?

Someone will start getting better results than you…

No matter what you do online, someone will want it more. Someone will hustle harder. Someone will act on your ideas. Someone will copy your business. It just happens. It’s part of the free market which we operate in and while it may not be ‘fair’, that’s the way things work online.

Here’s the best part though, you can do something right now…That your competition can’t!

You can outlove them!

You can care about your customers and subscribers more than they ever could. And when it’s from the heart and you genuinely want to see your customers succeed, your business truly does start to take on a whole new reason for being.

There is this stat that comes up a lot in the marketing circles online that claims that;

“If you increase customer retention by 5% it can add between 25-85% in added income…”

Imagine that! Outloving your competition and focusing on your customers can translate into huge increases in income by reminding your customers everyday, that you value them and care about their success.

So how do you ‘outlove‘ your competition and let your customers know how much they are valued? Here are 3 ways that can simply put your customer on the top of your mind, daily…

1. Tell Them, Everyday! – This may seem to simple, and a no brainer but you would be surprised how many people DON’T let their customers know how much they are valued. A word of gratitude goes a long way in today’s day and age and what’s even more remarkable is how few entrepreneurs realize this. This let’s your customers know they are valued. It makes them know you care about their success. Give it a try, let them know how much you value them today!

2. Send A Personal Thank You Card – I’ve been doing this for almost 10 years in business. I send a thank you post card to every single one of my clients and while most folks would argue that it’s easier to send an email, sending a physical card separates you from 99.9% of your competition. Seriously, think about how good your customers will feel when they open their mail box and see something you took the time to create and send to them personally….Game. Set. Match! And like I said, the best part is that next to no one else is doing this. In my decade of sending thank you notes to my customers, I have only seen a handful of others do the same.

3. Spend Time With Them – Sometimes we forget that behind the PayPal payments, the usernames or the Twitter handles that there is a real person behind each of those. Our customers are the life blood of our business but they are people with dreams and goals that would LOVE to spend some time with the company / person they do business with. That doesn’t mean you need to hang out 24-7 because we all have businesses to run, but asking them from time to time if you can help them goes a long way. Maybe they need some input on a business idea, or they are looking for some feedback on a new website they created. Make time for your customers!!! Most people won’t. Most people will say they don’t have the time. Most people will try to avoid their customers. Don’t be ‘like most people‘.

These are just 3 simple ways you can ‘outlove‘ your competition. By no means is it the definitive guide to building customer loyalty but these short tips separate you from the pack of ‘average’ that dominates your market…

Like I mentioned before, ideas can be copied (and will be), businesses will lose their appeal every month, people will lose interest in what you offer because it’s human nature…But nothing, can take away from your ability to care more about your customers than your competition does.

14 thoughts to “3 Tips To ‘Outlove’ Your Competition & Build Customer Loyalty”

  1. Excellent advice, especially in the traffic exchange world where there is such a high turn over. An increase in loyalty adds up and keeping people involved is good for the whole industry.

  2. Love the post, well written and simply stated Jon. It doesn’t take much to do but for some reason seems so hard for some to accomplish.

    1. Agreed! People are lazy, it’s human nature. I fall victim of it all the time lol But then I remember, how important my customers are and how important it is to me to let them know they are valued daily…

  3. Great points Jon.
    I appreciated the fact that your way of outloving your customers didn’t just include giving them credits and prizes.
    That all seems to be so common. Almost expected and not valued as much in a TE. But real, personal touch, customer service that is a rare thing. I’m not sure I can act on all three of these ideas but I can do some and I can do that right now.

    1. Bam, really good point. I mean, that’s what ‘everyone’ does right…And the big thing to me, is doing what others don’t. That’s what separates a go getter to me…The one who does more than what everyone else does.

  4. Great post Jon and sorry I missed the “as read by Rip”. I always seem to leave and something important happens. Big companies employ whole departments for customer relations, we need to remember how important it is. It is cheaper to retain a customer by making them happy rather than finding a new one.

  5. Definitely have to love your customers, or get out of the business. When you start thinking of your customers as idiots or morons and speak condescendingly to them, you are sending the message that you only value them for their money…. Treat others better than you want to be treated, or find something new to do with your life!!

    1. Agreed. This is a people business. And the quicker we understand that and cater to the person, rather than the username…We all start winning!

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