3 Ways To Make 2016 Your Best Year Yet

Ahhhh the New Year! A time for renewal. A time for reflection on the year that was. A time for …..The dreaded New Year’s resolutions….

New Year, New You

We all have big goals and dreams on January 1st of each year, and the ‘plan’ to create something epic from the 365 days we are given…However, if you are like me these plans don’t always pan out the way you thought they would. Here are 3 ways to really turn your ‘New Year Resolutions’ into a New Year’s Revolution!

1. Write Your Goals Down…Now! – I use this awesome that has been talked about for decades and it really works. I mean…It REALLY works. I break my year up into days, weeks, & months. Every day, before I go to bed I write down 3 things that I want to accomplish the following day. They are usually on my white board so I can see them when I wake up in the morning and get to work. These are ACHIEVABLE goals. I’m not trying to revolutionize the world every day, I’m just trying to get better and move forward.

But before that, at this time of year…I write down my ‘revolutionary’ goals. Every year, I think of 3 things, I want more than anything else and write them down. This is pinned in front of my computer and I see it each and every day. So what’s happening is this…I’m working on my daily goals of progress which leads to my yearly goals at the end of December. Everything I do, throughout the year…brings me closer to those 3 original yearly goals. It sounds funny, and almost too good to be true…But it works. And it’s something I’ve been doing for years with awesome results!

2. Stay The Course – You want to make big money this year! You want to lose 50 lbs this year! You want to finally start building a solid online business this year! Awesome, fantastic! Problem is, most people have these dreams and aspirations in the first few weeks of the New Year and then…Poof! I can’t begin to describe how important it is to stay the course. Think of it this way…If you are ‘investing’ in yourself, why not make the dedication to be here as much in a year as you are today. That means show up, for 365 days not just 14 days. If you want something bad enough, you will be here in a year from now…It’s your future right? So why not stay the course and do it the right way.

365 will come to pass…It’s what you do in those 365 days that will determine where you are a year from now. Don’t become a statistic and give up in a week or two….Stick to it!

3. Do Something Everyday, Even If It Makes You Squirm – This truly is the golden nugget for personal growth and development. Get uncomfortable now! Here’s a universal truth, human beings HATE change. We dread it. We hide from it. We do everything in our power to stay away from it. Yet it’s as guaranteed as death and taxes! When you change your habits, and start doing things that you know you need to progress your business and life, good things happen. For example, one of the things I have been begging my customers and affiliates to do over the years, is to get behind the camera and put their face out there! This builds huge trust, awesome rapport, and good will with would be clients…However….

It’s VERY uncomfortable for someone who is not used to being behind the camera (or blogging daily, writing emails etc)! They are scared they may mess up, they think people will laugh at them, they might scare people away….Yup and yup! That happens! And you know what….It’s great! People point fingers at the folks that DO THINGS every day because they don’t have the courage to step up and be seen themselves. Embrace it! And here’s the nugget…Nothing, and I mean nothing…Will sky rocket your results higher than sticking out and DOING something everyday, even if it makes you uncomfortable! While the rest of the world watches, you lead!

There always a lot of talk about ‘This is going to be my year’ during these first few days of the new year…Let’s take action today and every day for the next 365 days that will guarantee we each have the most epic, and rewarding year of our lives!

7 thoughts to “3 Ways To Make 2016 Your Best Year Yet”

  1. Write it down, be accountable to yourself yes! Sounds like putting pressure on myself 🙂 Maybe I need one of those dream boards. Consistency towards a goal, I agree that’s big. I’ll throw this quote down for action “Vision without Execution is Delusion”- author unknown Thanks for sharing Jon! Have a good one.

  2. Another needed pep talk from the Master Motivator. Great blog post and I’m off to write down my goals right NOW (after I have finished this comment, lol).

    I have been working hard on the +1 concept over the last few months. It has now become a habit and I figure I can do one thing everyday to grow my business. Currently I am using DBE to populate all of my downline builders. Its a chore but one that experience tells me works.

    2016 is the year!

    1. Thanks Grant! Appreciate the kind words and yup, it does work. It’s amazing the random notifications you get when you fill out all those downline builders. Awesome tip for everyone!

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