33 Cent STEEM? Fantastic…Let’s Keep Accumulating and Building!

Wow. Take a few days away from STEEM and the blockchain world and you come back to bull runs, renewed excitement, Facebook allowing crypto ads again…And it’s only Sunday!

That is of course…If you are STEEM….

Which at the time of this writing is trading at 33 cents US….Meanwhile Bitcoin has blown past 7300 and continues to attract a lot of attention…

So while STEEM isn’t blowing people away (yet!!!!), the general feeling is positive when it comes to crypto…

How do I know things are turning around?

One peek into Facebook and you see status updates like this..

This makes me quite excited! It shows me that the hype is back and the people’s attention is starting to be return again to this market…

Did you build during the bear market?

Are you ready for the potential new members that may be coming out way?

33 cent STEEM might get you worried…You see Bitcoin growing, and all the other altcoins seem to be doing well..But here’s STEEM…Sitting at 60-61 on CoinMarketCap in market capitalization.

Doesn’t bother me one bit…

Would I like to see more movement and Steemit Inc take a more visible approach to promoting our blockchain? Absolutely…But I’m not getting depressed about 33 cent STEEM…I’m still in accumulation mode 🙂

I stated this when I first joined the STEEM blockchain…I’m here on a 3-5 year plan. I’ll build and grow as much as I can for the next few years and then sit back and ask myself if it was worth my investment of time and energy.

So far, 19 months into this journey…

It’s been worth every single second and penny I’ve put in!

Like I mentioned last week…Steem is so much more than just another blockchain….

CoinMarketCap be damned!

I’ve met some of the best people ever in my life here and continue to be blown away at the amazing projects that are taking shape here daily!

Don’t pay attention to the lack of price movement…Pay more attention to the people movement. And the names that were here DURING the bear market and grew with STEEM…The ones that believed in Steem at 3 bucks, and are still huge evangelists at 33 cents…

You see a recurring theme…It’s people that see the big picture for STEEM and worry about building for when alt-season truly begins 🙂

What did you build today??


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