36 Hours To Go Until We Have A Winner…In The Most Difficult Contest To Win On Steemit!

We’re only about a day and a half until we declare a winner for…

“The Most Difficult Contest To Win On Steemit!”

The Prize?

150 Steem Power delegated to YOU for an entire month!

The Rules?

1. Comment on this post (or the contest announcement here!)

2. Follow me (this is painful, I know lol)

3. Resteem the contest announcement or this post!

Pretty tough stuff I know but I wanna make sure we work for that delegation 🙂


(The 1 is shaded…but TRUST Me….It’s 150 Steem Power….Not 50 lol)

The reception once again has been HUGE! And I cannot thank you guys enough. I’ve added quite a few new followers so WELCOME to my blog and I hope you get a ton of value from it. Even after the contest has completed, please note…I UPVOTE all quality comments and discussions on every blog post I do. And I respond to them as well.

So even after this contest is over, it pays to stick around these parts lol And don’t forget, this is just the second contest that we’ve held…I plan on doing these every month for the rest of my time on Steemit.

And if you have listened to my ramblings over the past few months, I’ll be sticking around Steemit a log long time 🙂


We will be holding the live random draw for the delegation this Monday July 30th on my Monday Night Thougths stream @dlive . And the delegation will be awarded to the winner who completes these extra hard qualification steps:


1. Comment

2. Follow

3. Re-Steem

So here we go…

36 hours (roughly) until we have a new winner!

Good luck to everyone and thank you so much for taking part in my little contest.

P.S. Remember, if you do not win this month we do it all again in September. But you can always check out @minnowfund for 100 SteemPower delegation rewards EVERY week! Now that’s something to get excited about because that’s how Steemit is at it’s best…People helping people!

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