The $39 Monthly Affiliate Marketing Budget

Budget! We all SHOULD be using one. However this topic never seems to be popular especially when you look into affiliate and online marketing. You hear about the instant riches and the mammoth success of some, but rarely does a ‘budget’ come up in discussions.

And I get it. It’s not sexy. It really doesn’t sell the steak because the sizzle isn’t there. However every single ounce of my being believes in setting up and sticking to a budget for your online business.

Back in about 2008 I wrote an ebook called The Pizza Plan which was followed in 2014 by a revised version. Back then, I was breaking down why we needed to spend at minimum $75 a month on the basic tools to set up for our online business.

Well today, I’ve revisited my budget and have come up with not a $75 a month minimum budget but a simple, straightforward $39 a month one…

Is it that simple? That affordable?

I argue, yes! And if you stick to it and stay the course with not only developing a master knowledges of these programs we are going to look into, but also start promoting these ‘evergreen’ services, you will see some huge success for years to come.

And the ONLY reason I can speak on this, is because this is eerily similar to the budget I have been following since about 2003…

1. The AutoResponder – Without saying too much, this is undebatable! No matter what business you are trying to promote, or what opportunity you decide to dive into, you MUST have an email list. And here’s a few reasons why…

– It’s your life line of communication with your customers
– You OWN the list of contacts. Meaning a program can come and go, but you have access to every customer you have ever done business with…Forever!
– It’s a real asset!
– It’s evergreen, meaning when you join this you won’t stop using it in a year from now.

I recommend RocketResponder as your go to option not only because I own the program, but also because of a little tidbit we’ll discuss later. And for $20 a month, this is a no brainer for unlimited lists and unlimited emails!

2. An Analytics / Tracking Tool – What good is promoting, advertising and marketing if you don’t know what is working and what is not? Heck, why are we even talking about setting up a budget if we plan on just throwing money away without tracking and analyzing our stats? And for that, I recommend Trck.me. It’s straight forward tracking written in plain english but also powerful enough to tackle all your needs forever. And similar to the autoresponder, you aren’t going to be changing your ads all around the internet every few months. So that means, this is a solid program to not only use daily, but also to promote.

And for $9 a month….It’s a no brainer!

3. Hosting – I highly recommend blogging as a platform to build your brand and reputation. I started with my first blog in 2003 and haven’t looked back. And we need a place to host our blog, and while some folks will tell you that you should go all out and buy the biggest server you can, a good $5-$10 a month host is perfect. BlueHost is a perfect solution and with it’s one click install of Word Press, you can be in business for in 30 minutes from now. Blogging isn’t a one shot deal, so you have to stay the course with your effort in creating content. And changing hosts can be a nightmare, so again, once you sign up or some you refer signs up…They usually stay the course for the long run.

Maximum monthly costs approx. $10 a month.

Now you may be asking yourself a few questions….

First, what about a lead page and squeeze page generator? Sure I wanna build my list but where do I do that from? Recently released is the brand new Lead Page function in RocketResponder. It’s a fully featured drag and drop squeeze and lead page designer that is INCLUDED in your RocketResponder account….Crazy right? No added fee and you are in business as soon as you join RocketResponder!

And next you may be asking….This sounds way too cheap. And way too simple? Something must be missing…

Absolutely! It’s called HUSTLE, PASSION and DESIRE!

That doesn’t cost any cash but wow, it costs effort. And it costs time. However if you stay the course, and use these tools for the long run, you will have built a solid foundation that will be with you forever. And I’m living proof of it. Like I mentioned, I still use the same type of programs that I did back in 2003….But the hustle, passion and desire had to be added on throughout those years 🙂

So add it up and what do you have….

RocketResponder$20 / month
Trck.me$9 / month
BlueHostApprox. $10 / month

For a total of $39 a month…For a budget that tackles the majority of your needs in affiliate marketing. Sure there could be more costs and things will pop up from time to time, but this…Is a great start and a fantastic simple budget that can last a lifetime in this business.

17 thoughts to “The $39 Monthly Affiliate Marketing Budget”

  1. Jon, I can beat your price by $29.00 with the Pizza Plan 3, but that’s another story for another day.

    After all these years, you’re finally coming around about hosting.

    Jon, you should JV with me on GDI. Hosting dime a dozen. Just Google hosting.
    You will see About 543,000,000 results.

    My way, newbies learn an internet trade.

    As Warren Buffett stated, if you don’t understand a business, then you partner
    with those who do.

    Owning the right domain name means everything and it’s certainly not
    owning a personal name for a domain name.

          1. Jon,

            List building and personal branding to lead newbies to chase the Pokemon kills the credibility.

            Remember Jon, those badges and stickers brings no knowledge to the table.

            Physicist Michio Kaku brings knowledge of the Universe
            Warren Buffet brings knowledge of wealth
            John Chow brings knowledge of marketing

            I see peoples personal branding alright, advertising a TE on a Te doing the dosey doe.

    1. There is a multitude of examples where owning a personal name domain is, in fact, quite beneficial. Name recognition can be very valuable in some cases. Really, it all comes down to what your intentions with the domain are.

      As with most things, a ‘one size fits all’ solution is not always the answer. What works for you may not for me.

      GDI may provide what some people need, but so does the solutions Jon has brought forward. Options are always good!

        1. I will! Thanks! I truly do hope I continue down the path I am currently on. The benefits of doing so will be quite rewarding.

          In this ever-changing environment of the internet, it is foolhardy to believe that what once worked will remain the status quo forever. We all have to adapt to new trends and consumer demands to remain viable in any market.

          I may be on a different path than you, but it doesn’t make either one the lesser because of that. Different strokes, you know! 🙂

    1. Thank you sir, yeah man same here. Nothing has helped me more than those 2 things as well. My ‘business life’ changed when I started to focus on my brand and my lists.

      1. Where do I “drop you a line” if I’m interested in knowing more about Rocket Responder? Couldn’t find a contact page on the RR site.

        I would like more info before I decide a way forward.


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