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4 Brutally Honest Truths About Affiliate Marketing [VIDEO]

Affiliate marketing is one tough game to play! Let’s be honest…We have the cards stacked against us in a lot of areas of life…

We bust our tails, for 50-60 hours a week sometimes for the CHANCE to make some money. We do all this, for no guarantees, but for the OPPORTUNITY to make money online. And we wonder why our family and friends think we’re crazy?

But we love it. We live for it. It’s our passion.

However things can get frustrating especially when you are trying to build a solid team of referrals or fellow affiliates. So today I went over a few tips and tricks to help you build a solid LONG TERM team for your affiliate marketing business.

1. Remember That 99% Won’t Last A Month – Sad fact right? but it’s the truth. The attrition levels inside of affiliate and online marketing are massive. We do everything we can to refer people and market to them, only to find out that most of them will give up or fall off the face of the earth within the first few months. So instead of trying to cater to the 99%, let’s flip it. Let’s focus on the 1% that DO SHOW UP. The small percentage of marketers that stay the course, are taking action every day and working hard to build their income. That’s the gold right there. Find these people and treat them as such!

2. You Need A List of 3, Not 3000 – Similar to the above point but when you put it into big picture thinking it makes perfect sense. We get caught up in the hype and hoopla of people saying you need to build a mailing list of 100,000 to be successful. Bull! You need a SMALL list of ACTIVE and LOYAL people. That’ll make you the most money and the best relationships will be formed when your list is manageable and you actually have relationships with those people. Think about it….Yeah it would be awesome to have 3000 active people on your list, but that just doesn’t happen these days. Instead, build a list of active subscribers and you won’t need 3000!

3. Want To Refer The Perfect Affiliate? Become The Perfect Affiliate – Lead by example! It’s really hard to trust someone who is telling you to upgrade in Kore4, start a list with Rocket Responder and track it all through when that same person comes and goes and doesn’t practice what he or she preaches. Plain and simple…Do what you WANT other people to do. Become what you want other people to become. We spend way too much time complaining about our affiliates and referrals rather than starting right in the mirror and seeing the faults in our ways. Are you still doing everything you expect them to do and not seeing results? Refer to points 1 and 2 above 🙂 Want change, be the change!

4. Be Everywhere You Can – This trick I learned from Grant Cardone and have been following his practices (or at least trying to, the guy is a machine lol) Be everywhere you can! When your affiliates turn on Twitter, you are there. When they post to Facebook, you are there. If they are reading a blog, it’s either your blog or they see you in the comment section. Be everywhere you can! And here’s an added tip…Be seen as much in a year from now, as you are today. That’s the true power of brand awareness and how to be effective at affiliate marketing for the long term!

14 thoughts to “4 Brutally Honest Truths About Affiliate Marketing [VIDEO]”

  1. Excellent advice once again Mr. Olsen… Consistency, visibly being active in the things you are advising others to do, being accessible and engaged through social media – these are the things that will lead to online success.
    Build a routine that puts them into effect, daily. Teach others the value of what you advise them to do by being seen to do those things, and by being accessible to them.

    1. Thank you sir. Yeah it’s pretty simple yet few actually do it. Showing up everyday is a huge part of ‘showcasing’ to others that you are serious. Affiliates notice things like that.

  2. Outstanding stuff as usual Jon!

    This is exactly the type of thing we need to hear because I think many have the wrong idea of what being “successful” is all about.
    We cannot do a darned thing about the folks who don’t/won’t take action or take the WRONG action.
    The thoughts you presented here is outstanding food for thought and advice for the serious marketer.

    Thanks dude!

    1. Absolutely. Nothing I can say or do that will make people ‘take action’ but if they see me, showing up daily, doing things…Maybe it’ll rub off on them 🙂

    1. Thanks Cathy, yeah I feel we as marketers, almost are let down if we don’t get that ‘magical 10k mailing list or whatever’…But the truth is, the productive lists may not have thousands of people….

  3. When we were doing the Focus Seminars, out most productive one had the smallest attendance. But EVERY person there came to improve their business, not just ‘hang out’ with the speakers.

    So, Mr. Olson, once again you nailed it down!

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