4 Tips To Help You Deal With Change [VIDEO]

Oh boy…Do we human beings HATE change!

We run from it. We hide from it. We try to avoid it at all costs….But here’s the kicker..It’s inevitable.

Death, taxes….Guaranteed…And guess what else is…Change!

So while the majority of the world will crawl into it’s turtle shell to avoid it, savvy entrepreneurs learn how to embrace it. Here’s 4 tips that have really helped me embrace change and almost…As crazy at that sounds…Embrace it;

1. Be Proactive – Understand, like I mentioned, that change is coming. Whether you like it or not. So instead of running away from it, and have to be reactive when it rears it’s head…Embrace it and be proactive. If you are as invested in your business as I am, you have your ear to the street and can see trends forming before that take shape. This is a great way to become proactive and move before the herd does. Don’t under estimate how important this is.

2. It’s Normal, Accept It – Yup, you aren’t weird if you try to run from change. It’s a human trait and ingrained into our DNA. A very important way of dealing with it, is to remind yourself it’s normal to fear it. It’s normal to run from it. And you aren’t alone in trying to avoid it. A little bit of positive thinking can go a long way when dealing with it.

3. Remember Past Successes – You have ‘won’ before! You have crushed it at some things in your life. Remember that. It’s so important to remember past successes because you want to know why….Failure is coming too. The important part of dealing with change as a whole is to remind yourself that you have dealt with it…Basically your entire life. And you have come out on top. If you are reading this right now, you still have all the potential in the world. Remember those past successes when things look bleak.

4. Embrace The Present – Tomorrow isn’t promised. And that might sound morbid but think about it…You cannot concern yourself with ‘what if this happens’ or ‘what if that happens’…Concern yourself with what you are doing today. Are you Plus 1’ing every day? Are you concentrating on moving forward towards your goals right now? If not…What’s stopping you? It’s all excuses and if you stop worrying about what MIGHT happen in a week from now, and focus on today….It’s easy to embrace change!

Sure there are millions of different ways to deal with and embrace the change in your businesses and lives…but these 4 tips, have helped me be in business (in the most competitive and ever-changing industry of internet marketing) for almost 2 decades…

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