4 Types of Online Marketers [VIDEO]

Today we discussed the 4 types of online marketers found in our industry. From the ‘Grumpy Gus‘ to the ‘Cautious Cathy‘. The Slot Machine Marketer to the Future Frank….We dive into each personality type and discover how to encourage and embrace each of them. Click ‘Read More’ to watch the recording…

2 thoughts to “4 Types of Online Marketers [VIDEO]”

  1. Something I noticed watching the video, is there was one thing that was the same about all 4 “types of marketers.” They seem to succeed only with the right encouragement from the right people, because it helps them not to give up before they find their success. Also, light gray text doesn’t work on a white background, hard to see the recent posts list on the side. 😉

    1. I did a talk about that today…..Keep your ‘circle’ filled with positive people that encourage each other! Thanks for the comments sir!

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