4 Ways To Get ‘Lucky’

Luck! Getting lucky! Is there a formula for it? Are we just a victim of bad luck or a recipient of good luck?

I’m reading a brand new book called The Top 1% by Dan Strutzel and in it he discusses the 4 ways people get lucky, and it all comes down to this..


The scariest thing he mentioned in this book is that we are the sum of all the decisions and choices we have made 5 years ago. Think about that and let it sink in…

What you chose to focus on and do 5 years ago are showing their fruits today. Did you focus on personal growth? Was personal development a part of your daily habits? To be brutally honest, I’m a little scared looking back 5 years ago, because let’s just say by decisions back then, weren’t exactly the best for my future.

And I’m reaping what I sowed.

Now I’m not saying that it’s all bad but we’re a product of our daily choices. So here are 4 ways from Dan’s book that you can CHOOSE to get lucky over the next 5 years;

1. Choose To Notice Opportunities – I am of the mind that opportunities are around us, every single moment of the day. And I will never buy the popular marketing hoopla that ‘this opportunity will end’. Because you know why? If it does there are more coming down the road. The important thing to do though is to notice the RIGHT ones and to act on them. When we CHOOSE to act on great opportunities, our future self will thank us!

2. Luck Follows A Wise Inner Voice – Your gut is usually right. Crazy? I mean take some inventory over the past few weeks and see where your intuition has proven to be correct. It’s a pretty good track record. If you ask me, your inner voice can be a huge guide to making the right choices that end up being ‘lucky’. Whether it’s praying, meditating or just some good ol’ fashioned deep thinking, that inner voice rarely lets you down.

3. Expect Greatness – You can CHOOSE to expect huge and wonderful things to happen in your life. Or you can join the Negative Nancy Fan Club. Either way, you will get what you expect. The choices we make are all going to pay off, so why not WNAT and expect big things to happen! Like attracts like in every way possible, so expect great things to start taking place now!

4. Stay. The. Course! – Wow, is this ever a broken record! Wanna know how to attract great things in your life? Stop giving up when things get hard. Heck, we should not only EXPECT things to be a challenge, we should welcome them. It builds character and thick skin needed for business. I can’t count the number of times people gave up because of a bump in the road. Don’t do it! Don’t become a statistic. The luckiest people in business are the ones that…Stay the course!

5 thoughts to “4 Ways To Get ‘Lucky’”

  1. My HS baseball coach explained to me that luck was a direct result of hard work. The harder you work, the luckier you get. For the last 50 years it has seemed to me to be true.

    “I always said I’d rather be lucky than good”

    1. Thanks man, and yeah I completely agree. The universe seems to open up when you put one foot before the other.

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