4 Ways To Stay The Course [VIDEO]

Staying the course! You hear me talk about that a lot. Heck it’s even my profile picture right now on Facebook. It’s something I believe in so much but often we hear these cute little sayings we never dive into exactly what they mean. Well today I wanted to actually give you some quick tips on how to actually stay the course in your business. They have helped me over the years, so I know they will help you!

1. Your Reason Why Becomes Your Purpose – Let me guess…You want to make a lot of money online? While a lot of people may come up with that as their reason why, there has to be more to it than that. When I got started online, my reason why were two fold. First, I wanted to be around my son and did not want to be the 9 to 5 dad that only saw his kids on the weekends. And second, I was the world’s worst employee so I knew I had to work for myself and be my own boss. That fuelled me for years. It kept me focused and showing up to work every single day since the late 1990’s. Your reason why becomes your purpose! Here is my ‘reason why / purpose’ that I have written out and taped on my computer screen to I can see it every day:

my reason why that helps me stay the course

2. Develop A 30 Day Action Plan – This was why I created Plus 1 Success, it was my 30 day action plan that kept me focused on growing each and every day. Plus 1 might not be your ideal game plan, and that’s fine. You can use it as a template (it’s free after all) but then you start one day 1 and follow through until you finish the month. The things you will accomplish in those 30 days will change your life. I guarantee it!

3. Stay Away From The Negative Nancies
– Nothing will hurt your growth and business more than hanging around people that whine and complain all day. You know the ones that say ‘It’s Not Fair‘, and blame everyone on their problems but themselves. Stay away from them. They WANT you to give up and start pointing fingers because it takes away from their own failures. This is sometimes harder to do than say, I know I find myself getting trapped into being a Negative Nancy at times. But the more you focus on good things, the better your business will be.

4. Find A Battle Buddy – Some people call this an accountability partner but think of how powerful it would be to develop a 30 day action plan, and share it with a trusted friend or associate. You could help each other, and keep each other accountable one day a week for the entire month. Offer suggestions to each other and watch your businesses BOTH grow and prosper.

These are just 4 ways I have found that can help your business grow over the years and allow you to stay the course. Use them, develop your own action plan and partner up with some awesome like minded people….Your potential is limitless!

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