48 Hours Later…The SteemCreators Experience Is Even Better!

Today marked day 2 of the SteemCreators conference and wow, what an experience it has been!

Let me get the awkward news out of the way first…

Today was my time on stage!


(Photo courtesy and thanks to @jasonbu)

I worked on my talk all night and literally ended up feeling like a deer in headlights LOL It was my first time on stage and go figure…I can get behind the camera and talk to hundreds of people without missing a beat…

A room with fellow Steemians and I get super nervous LOL

It chalk it up to a learning experience but did get to talk about my 5-500-5000 Formula.

I really do hope attendees got value from it 🙂

But the big highlights for me…Was the other speakers!

Wow what an event today…

The day was filled with some epic talks by;

@thehoneys ( looking forward to the book!!!)

@coruscate ( Amazing example of how to freestyle a speech and crush it!!)

@kenmelendez ( one of the most creative and rewarding speeches yet!)

@rhondak ( any chance for some non-fiction book support?)

and @larrymorrison (Man, that was a very inspirational speech…I got a ton of value from it! Thank you!)

I also got to learn some amazing stuff from @joeparys who captivated the crowd with some exciting news and information about STEEM! Listening to him made me KNOW I was in the right place at the right time.

The talk by @steembasicincome was fascinating and gave me some great ideas on how to get creative with future contests I will run on this blog. What a cool cool concept and program!

But I have to be honest… ‘s speech and demonstration with the new features of @partiko really got my pumped up. I fell in love with this app about a month ago and haven’t looked back…


On top of that, I recently hit 10,000 Partiko points and discovered what these were finally going to be used for…So so so exciting!

Today was an absolute blast! And as the conference will wind down tomorrow, I expect even more amazing presentations and news from the SteemCreators conference…

What an experience…I can’t wait for Austin!!

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