5 Reasons Why Being An Entrepreneur Is Awesome [VIDEO]

The life of an entrepreneur! Sure there are pitfalls and hardships with being your own boss. Yes, you may alienate some of your closest friends and family on the journey to build your business…But you wouldn’t change it for the world! Here are 5 of the top reasons that being an entrepreneur is the greatest career choice on planet earth;

1. Freedom – Yeah, the money can be good. Sure there are some very successful business people that have made fortunes by being their own boss. However I would challenge that ‘freedom’ doesn’t always mean lots of money. I’m not the richest guy on the planet when it comes to my bank account, but I’m the richest guy on earth when it comes to doing what I love every single day. That’s freedom! Knowing that tomorrow I don’t need to ‘drag’ myself into the office, I’m actually smiling and excited to sit down with my cup of coffee and tackle the day. That’s the freedom I’m looking for and am blessed to experience.

2. Work When You Want – This is a double edged sword but let me explain why this is so important. When my son was first born, I made a decision to never be the 9 to 5 Dad. I wanted to be there for him for soccer practice, for his music lessons, for his schooling, for everything I could be. With my career I could CHOOSE when to work, so that my son and the time I spent with him growing up took priority. Yes, we need to be responsible and not get lazy but when you are in business for yourself, that shouldn’t be a problem. Work when you want, and for as long as you want is a lot better than punching a clock for 8 to 12 hours a day in my books.

3. Work Where And With Who You Like – Want to be on online entrepreneur? You know what is so awesome…All you need to be in business is an internet connection. That means, yeah you can be on a beach with your laptop and drafting an email to send to your list. What to take a few weeks off? Cool, make sure you check in a few times a week and have your business literally run itself. All this can happen when you are an entrepreneur. Sure there’s more to it than just set it and forget it, but you can build your business to fit your lifestyle. That’s pretty awesome! And another bonus…You get to choose your market. Choose who you work for and provide services for…No need to deal with the corporate drama and water coolers anymore…

4. Opportunity – Oh this gets me so excited…The opportunity is…Everywhere! The potential and opportunity to develop and create your own business in whatever field or market you choose to is pretty exciting. In today’s day and age, you can reach more people, influence more potential customers and refer new clients easier than ever before. Our world is getting smaller, but our opportunities are getting bigger!

5. Accomplishment – There is no greater feeling in the world than getting your first sale, customer or referral in your business. All your hard work, the stress and pressure to build something for yourself..Finally pays off! It gives you a sense of accomplishment and validity when someone sees VALUE in what you are putting out in the market. This feeling, cannot…Be beat!

Sure there is a huge list of ‘negative’ aspects of being in business for yourself…But they pale in comparison to the advantages and benefits of being an entrepreneur. I wouldn’t change it for the world and I know you feel the same way. get out there and BUILD YOUR BUSINESS!!!

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