7 thoughts to “5 Reasons We Fail At Business [VIDEO]”

  1. HI Jon watching your video now. Thanks. I was late today but didn’t forget. And the birds still know what TELive means but not Plus One LOL. I told them about TELive for years and we would come and sit infront of the computer to listen to you so they know what it means and they cheap with delight 🙂 Awesome isn’t it 🙂

  2. Yes majority of the people are lazy and want it all for free. That free mentality has really ruined it for people that need to make money. It’s needs to change. The trouble is that too many people still offer too much for free.

    1. It truly has. Free is you get what you put in…So if you dont invest in your own business, why does anyone think people will invest with theirs?

    1. Thanks so much Nancy, hope this new format on YouTube allows for much better recordings and playbacks for anyone that can’t attend

  3. Wonderful video Jon, gave me a lot of insights and as always, you keep inspiring me every single day!

    Btw, I think the book you sent me just arrived, picking it up today (it arrives at my parents’ place because we’re never around at my own place).

    Will make a video once I have it in my hands! 😀

    Thanks again and keep rocking man, I’m off to your video on budgeting now (I’m doing it already but I want to see what you have to say about it in case I can pick up any tips) take care man!


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