5 Reasons to Giveaway Relevant Content to Generate Leads

Your audience expects it. They want valuable relevant copy that informs and inspires. The best thing about giveaways is that it can make them reconsider their perspective and look to you as an authority within the field. If you are doing business today online, giveaways are an essential marketing tool to generate interest and keep prospects clicking.

Reasons to Giveaway Content

1. Build Interest

Content can establish a need to know motivation that drives engagement. If we are talking about better time management, a short ebook can give them some useful tools and perspective about the topic. However, clients come to realize that there is much to know about time management and how much easier it would be to turn to an expert for additional support and resources. This content is useful to the needs of your client.

2. Demonstrate Leadership

Quality content establishes authority. Those in new and emerging businesses can use content to demonstrate their expertise within an area and showcase the benefits of establishing a relationship with the company and brand. Being considered a leader within a field is one way to differentiate your business. Show them what you know.

3. Get more views

Giveaways can be shared. The audience that is interested in your material knows others within their sphere of influence that could find the material useful. Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media platforms allow people to share material with a click of a button. Old-school individuals can forward the email and attachments to others and print it out for reference. The initial audience reached is only the tip of the iceberg of the potential out there.

4. Generate a Reputation

Content establishes trust. Those without a well-known brand need to work smarter to have others see them as a reputable and reliable business. Good content giveaways show that the business cares about the interests of customers and does research to specifically address the needs of customers.

5. Prep for Purchase

Giveaways get prospects ready to buy-in. When selling services or products, it is generally known that it takes 3-7 touches for people to engage with your company prior to making a purchase. A giveaway helps to educate consumers and offers information during the decision-making process. When they finally call, they are ready to buy.

What to Giveaway

1. Video

Videos are the number one marketing tool to provide for free. Psychologically, people tune into movement and the emotions expressed on video. This is part of man’s psychological makeup. Invest in creating some quality video to post on websites, link to within emails and upload onto YouTube. Use visual channels to draw more interest.

2. Freebies

Free stuff is always appreciated. People love something that is useful and free. They may have to share an image with a special embedded code or make a purchase beginning at a minimum amount to qualify. Individuals love receiving something extra in the mail.

3. Written Content

PDF downloadables such as white papers and ebooks are useful for qualifying leads. Checklists and written content help customers get a feel for your voice and the type of materials that you can offer to help them meet their needs. Remember that your business is only there to help customers find a solution to their problems. This material helps to “touch” prospects and establish a relationship with them prior to their purchase.

Giveaways generate more awareness of your company and its associated products or services. They provide exposure to more leads and help to qualify them en route to making a purchase. Begin strategizing your giveaways today.

One thought to “5 Reasons to Giveaway Relevant Content to Generate Leads”

  1. Thanks Justin, some helpful tips here.

    I love the idea of getting free content, especially if it’s a new product or concept, this allows me to go deeper in to the offer before committing to buy or join a membership site, whatever it may be.

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