6 Ways To Stick Out From The Crowd [VIDEO]

How do you stick out from the crowd? You’ve heard how important it is to be a purple cow and be remarkable, but it’s easier said then done right?

Not really…It’s actually quite easy to ‘be unique’ and do you want to know why? You were born unique! There is nothing like you ever designed before and there will never be another YOU….With that in mind, let’s dive into some tips on how you can easily stick out from the masses and capture people’s attention in business.

1. Be Yourself – Like I mentioned, you are unique. So there is no point in trying to be anything but YOU. Remember, you had like a 1 in 6 billion chance to be born in the first place, so there is a reason you are here on planet earth. We’re waiting to see what you have for us 🙂

2. Sell ‘You Inc’ – Think of yourself as a stock. Stocks go up and done given how much value they are returning to the stock holders. Think of yourself as a stock and how are you giving value to your customers and subscribers so that they ‘hold onto the stock’. If you are thinking ‘How Can I Give Value Everyday?‘ there’s a pretty good chance you’ll stick out from the crowd!

3. Don’t Be Boring – Please! There is a reason I stopped sitting on camera for an hour a day and cut it down to 15 minutes. I don’t want to bore you! I want to give good value and then poof, let you get on with your day. We live in the Twitter world of 140 characters or less, use those 140 characters to WOW your customers and not put them to sleep!

4. Read, All The Time – It’s my fuel for my live streams! It’s how I get the best ideas for business. It’s how I grow professionally and spiritually. A huge chunk of the population stops reading after they finish college and never picks up a book after. Books are the fuel you need to inspire and motivate. If you are filling your mind with good stuff, you’ll be able to spread…Good stuff!

5. Get Uncomfortable – Want to attract more customers? Do things you aren’t used to doing! When you become uncomfortable, change happens. People start to notice that youa re actually ‘doing things’ and that increases the chances that you will be doing things that go noticed. Beautiful things happen, outside of your comfort zone.

6. Be Authentic – In the days of plastic celebrities and media obsession with things that don’t really matter, being authentic is actually not only a good marketing strategy…It’s the right thing to do! Not everyone will like you, not everyone will agree with you..But if you are authentic and stick to your guns, people will always respect you! This…Attracts the right people into your circle and separates you from the herd!

4 thoughts to “6 Ways To Stick Out From The Crowd [VIDEO]”

  1. This was good stuff. I like the tips you shared today.. We can also connect with like-minded individuals on facebook too. And I’m trying to spice it up a bit with my marketing everyday! Thanks!

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