7 Reasons Why You Need To +1 Your Email List

The importance of building your list has been talked about for years in online business. I’m pretty sure we can all agree, list building is recommended by everyone in the industry. And for good reason…

Here are 7 reasons why you should start building your email list today and not wait a minute longer…

1. This Is A Metric That Matters – Do you know what fires me up almost as much as new sales in my business? It’s seeing my list grow. This is something that you can measure each and every day and truly see the fruits of labor. Imagine if you just added 1 new person to your list, every day for a year…And took the time to build that relationship with these people. That’s 365 new potential customers that actually WANT to hear from you….That’s powerful, and that’s something you can measure! If you aren’t building your mailing list by at least 1 new subscriber a day, let’s get to work and change that soon…

2. A List Is Something You Own – It’s a business asset and while programs or opportunities come and go almost daily online, your mailing list sticks with you for years. Fun story, I still have customers from almost 15 years ago, from my original mailing list that I still talk to almost weekly. That’s huge and one of the main reasons you should be building your list today. Programs come and go, but your list stays with you basically forever.

3. More People On Your List, More Reach – I was being very conservative on my example of adding one new person a day because let’s be honest…Once your list starts building , it starts to snow ball. So that means more people and more influence you will have. This is a numbers game and sure, you may not be able to convert 100% of the people that read your emails, but the more people you reach the more influence and impact you may have. It’s simple, the bigger your list the more chances you have to reach people!

4. Engagement! It’s Time To Pull People In
– That last point I made had something left out of it! And that’s the relationship with your list. Sure you can build a list of 10,000 people but if you haven’t developed some kind of relationship with these people it’s all for not! That’s where you need to PULL people into you when they first get on your list. Don’t PUSH an offer or try to sell them something, try to pull them into engaging with you. Whether it’s asking them to follow you on Twitter, become a Facebook fan, or simply replying to the email…Start the lines of communication by engaging your list!

5. It Makes You An Expert – Everyone hates the term ‘guru’ online but let’s be honest…Deep down we admire the people that command respect! We secretly wish we had their influence. We might be bitter at their success but boy oh boy would we kill to sit down and pick their brains. Want to become a go to expert online? Build your list! It’s simple, the more people get to know, like and trust you, the more influence you have. And you can get people to know like and trust you, by creating, building and nurturing your mailing list.

6. Opens You Up To Awesome Deals and JV Opportunities – Our biggest affiliates and the people we pay the most commissions to, have a strong and responsive mailing list. It’s that simple! And we work hard to make sure our own mailing list is responsive and engages with us. And the by product of this is, being asked to promote new opportunities when they first launch. It means getting huge discounts and free upgrades around the internet. It means saving you money while giving you the potential to make BIG money. That’s the power of building a mailing list!

7. Ummmm…It Makes You Money! – This is a no brainer but just in case anyone needed a reminder of why we are trying to build successful businesses online…It’s to make a sale! That’s right, building a strong and responsive list is the absolute best way to refer new members to opportunities, to create lifelong customers and make money for your online business. Nothing even comes close!

I have said this for years and I will repeat it here…nothing can turn your business around quicker than working on your squeeze pages and your mailing lists. Spend a few hours today and tomorrow developing a strong autoresponder series and get to know the people on your mailing list, after that…The sky is the limit!

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