7 Tips To Start Blogging For Profits [VIDEO]

It’s no secret! I’m a huge fan of building blogs. Since 2003 I’ve been in love with blogging and all the benefits it has given me. Here are 7 tips to help you start turning your passion for blogging into a profitable business;

1. Be Consistent – When I first got started I made sure no matter what, I wrote a new article every week. As time went on, I started doing multiple articles a week. The important thing was, I was consistent. No matter what, a blog post was written..Every week. Without fail. Your readers won’t come back if you are writing a blog post once every 4 months…

2. Connect With Your Readers – It’s easy to say this but harder to follow through. When someone comments on your blog, respond and thank them for their comments. Connect with your readers through email, through live streams, through social media. People appreciate being appreciated! And when you connect with your readers through your content and on a personal level, their loyalty to your blog will increase.

3. Contribute To Your Community – Building a community with your blog takes a lot of time and patience and if you want people to stick around and contribute to your blog…Go out and contribute to theirs. The law of reciprocity holds so true here and if you want certain actions from your readers, why not show the same to them. Plus, it;’s just the right thing to do.

4. Ask Questions – Coming up with content every week can be a challenge. So why not ASK your readers what they would like to learn and read about? A huge chunk of the content I have produced over the years has come directly from simply asking my readers what they would like me to discuss and write about. Crazy concept huh? Actually LEARNING what your community wants…

5. Build Your List Now – The only regret I have from when I first started building an online business so many years ago is that I did not practice list building from day one. Don’t be a Jon Olson, trust me…Build your mailing list now! Even if you never plan on doing any affiliate marketing, read point 2 above…Email lets you CONNECT with your readers and show them you value their time and subscription.

6. Re-Purpose Your Content – Funny story about my first blog Hit Exchange News, it actually became my first book Hits, Clicks & Misses. I simply repurposed the content and created a 160 page book from the years of writing blog posts. What’s awesome about repurposing is that you can create content once and turn it into multiple forms. Whether it’s a book, a pod cast, a Facebook post or even a product…Re-purposing is a no brainer and must!

7. Controversy – Oh boy, this isn’t always a popular tip but wow, does it ever work. I can create the most in depth training article in the history of internet marketing and it might get 5 or 10 comments on it….Tell people that dropping an F bomb now and again your ad copy stirs the pot and gets like 50 comments. That doesn’t mean you need to go out and create drama just for the sake of it, but learning what fires people up is GREAT for your blog.

6 thoughts to “7 Tips To Start Blogging For Profits [VIDEO]”

  1. You have a lot of books! Seriously some great points to connect with people. I don’t know why, but I strongly dislike the term blog. But what you are describing is all about connecting. You need a site that connects and gives something of value which you pointed out. Great subject great content Jon. Now where did you get those groovy shelves? You need to do a stream from your stellar reading chair witha smoking jacket like the great Brits of the past. Also a epic intro bed will make this a classic event. Do you like ships? I love Frito Lays. Have a great day.

    1. LOL Thanks Rip.

      Yeah man, doesn’t matter if it’s a blog, radio station, podcast or a YouTube channel, same principles exist.

  2. Hey Jon,

    Want to be honest. I just cringy when I have to write a long piece of content for blogging. So, I am just focusing on my YouTube channel and building an audience in niche I am passionate about. I still need to write a unique piece of content. But your advice is golden for any new bloggers or veteran bloggers.

    1. Thank you sir, yeah that’ exactly it…Doesnt matter the platform, as long as it’s following those tips, you’ll be dandy lol

    1. Design based blog, I’d talk about color theory, importance of simplicity in designs, headlines, basic ad copy….So much to write about for things like ADK

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