7 Ways To Escape The Herd

7 Ways To Escape The Herd

Success in business might seem like a far fetched dream for some, but it truly can be closer than you think. Recently we did a live show where we brain stormed ways that you can separate from the competition, by using these free or low cost strategies…

Use one, use some or use all of them and you can move beyond the herd and into real success online…

1. Blogging – Let’s be honest, we all know we should be blogging more yet so few of us seem to take that first step and create constant content. This is a no-brainer because the ones that are visible and proving content for their members and readers will start to brand themselves as true experts in their niche. What’s the excuse? There is is none…It’s free, it’s valuable and it’s a lot of fun! Want to start your blog today? Grab your Word Press friendly hosting at eHost today for less than $3!

2. Hosting A Live Show – With the popularity of live streaming services it’s only a matter of time before the herd decides to jump on board and create live video content. Don’t wait for the ship to sail! Get out there now and get behind the camera. I recommend Blab because it’s the easiest to use and you can share the camera with multiple co-hosts but you aren’t limited to one service…Take your pick, plan your attack and start by just doing one show a week…Once you build up your confidence, you’ll be rocking in no time. And remember, 99% of your competition won’t have the courage to get behind the camera…You win!

3. Get More Involved With Social Media – The buzzword of the century huh! Social media! It doesn’t have to be scary in fact, it’s a lot of fun once you dive in…But here’s the thing, you don’t need to try to master every single social site. Pick one or two that really speak to you and use them daily. For me, it was Twitter and Blab…I fell in love with Twitter the moment I joined it in 2008 and live streaming I discussed above. The important thing is to have a working knowledge of the popular ones and be on the look out for new technology as it appears. Learn about proper use of hashtags, social etiquette and how to build your brand using these services and your results will sky rocket!

4. Record A Video or Two – Maybe live streaming isn’t for you, but you know how important it is to be on video for your business. Not to worry, sites like YouTube make it crazy simple for you to record and upload your content for free. Here’s the best thing about being behind the camera…People get a ‘feel’ for you and your personality. The simple truth is people do business with those they know, like and trust. And nothing builds that up more than video. Record a blog post, record a book review, record your experience online…Just get active and press the record button! Your business and brand will thank you!

5. Send A Thank You Card – While this isn’t a pitch for program we use to send cards, it is a service that we have been using at TimTech for more thank half a decade and this is why…We live in a day and age of social media where getting an actual thank you note in the mail seems very ancient. It feels great to get a note in my mailbox from a company that truly appreciates my business and that more than likely will make me a happy customer for a long time. You can do that for your customers and referrals, simply by sending a thank you post card or note to them. It feels great, it works and guess what’s the best part…No one else is doing this in business!

6. Spend Money On Your Web Design
– I know, your cousin Bob is fantastic with Microsoft Paint and has promised you an awesome web design. Run away! Here’s the funny thing about web design, when it looks like a million bucks people take notice. When it looks like cousin Bob designed it, people still take notice…And cringe! Stop settling and spend the money on your design and brand. 99% of the people that try to start an online business rarely if ever budget web design in their start up costs, and I’m still not sure why. Nothing makes you look ‘better’ than a fantastic designed website / blog. Services like Fiverr are there to put you in contact with awesome web designers for very affordable rates.

7. Stay. The. Course! – This is mindset more than anything but truth be told 9 out of 10 people that read this blog post more than likely won’t be in business this time next year. Scary huh? Not really…Because the more stubborn you are about success and never giving up, the better your chances are to succeed. Be as invested in something a year from now, as you are today and your results will speak for themselves. Too many people want instant results and instant success, but the ones that really do find it…Stay. The. Course!

These are just 7 ways that you can separate yourself from the herd and start getting amazing results this year for your business. What are some of the ideas and strategies you have used yourself? I’d love to hear your experiences below…

7 thoughts to “7 Ways To Escape The Herd”

  1. Hey Jon, you’re on FIRE man.

    I might try a few of these and see where that goes, I’m starting to get tired to work for a big retailer now.

    Oh and I’ve been enjoying a lot all these late blog posts you have been producing, fantastic job man keep it up!


    1. Thanks man, appreciate the comments sir. Yeah just starting 2016 off with a new angle and approach….Content all the time, even when I’m lazy lol

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