730 Days, 423 Blog Posts & 298 YouTube Videos Later…

What a journey! It’s been 2 years since we started this little adventure together and I can’t believe how fast the time has flown by…

730 days ago with the help of Winter Perkins, Sunny Suggs and Janelle Pineau we created this brand! The brand was…Plus 1!

To be better at sunset than we were at sunrise. I wanted to take a different approach to personal development and affiliate marketing. I wanted to lead by example and actually DO what I suggested in the training I provided. Take action from the advice in the books I read. Become a product, of my product…

And what a blast it’s been!

With your amazing support and awesome belief in this blog we’ve done some amazing things together…

– 423 Blog Posts

– 298 YouTube Videos

– Almost 500 Live Streams on Facebook / Live Streaming Platforms

– Thousands of downloads of Plus1Success

And the best part of the journey…Having you along for the ride!

What a journey it’s been, I can’t understate it enough.

There has been some failures, there has been some wins but I hope I have lived what I talk about and you have gotten tons of value from this blog. The biggest lesson I have learned over the past 2 years is that…Life happens.

Family members pass away, new members are born…Industries go through rough times, success isn’t always a guarantee. But the people that stay the course, always come out on top.

And that”s just it, that’s Plus 1 in a nut shell…Daily. Movements. Forward!

Always growing and always trying to push ourselves to become better 24 hours at a time.

It’s not always pretty, but wow…What a joy it can be.

So thank you once again for all your support over the past 730 days. You have been such a blessing to this blog and to me that I can’t thank you enough for every comment, share, like, contribution, subscriber….You are the reason this blog and message continues to grow.

Here’s to another 730 days of Plus 1!

25 thoughts to “730 Days, 423 Blog Posts & 298 YouTube Videos Later…”

  1. Hi, Jon. Congratulations to you, Winter, Janelle, and Sunny! That is a very nice looking mug you have for sale there, too. Time really flies, doesn’t it. The older you get the quicker it goes by. I have looked up the reason why and I found a few reasons – from cells burning out in your brain to becoming wiser. 🙂

    1. Barbara, speaking of cells burning out. Alex at
      running a special on Brain Force Plus, also, by joining his mailing
      lists at you will get extra discount specials via email

  2. There are few places that tell people to ‘do as I do’ online. More along the lines of ‘do as I say, and question nothing’ is the norm.

    Leading by example is one thing Plus1 has done well.

    Keep doing what you are, and there will be many celebrations over the years to come. Kudos to everyone involved along the way!

  3. Man Great Journey but you forgot one big stat, a stat you probably dont have anywhere. Its not something you can quantify. How many people you have touched ? No matter who agrees or disagrees with you. You do a hell of a job and I thank you for much inspiration.

  4. I’m so fond of Plus 1 Daily brand and even more of what it represents. Jon, and everyone involved in the project, Winter, Sunny, Jannelle, and Richard too, through his guest posts, thank you for bringing personal development by example closer to this niche. I know it’s not as appealing as instant gratification to most people, but it’s worth the effort on the long term…

    1. Thanks Adrian, I appreciate that so much. It’s not a ‘sexy’ message, but it’s one I believe in a lot. Nothing instant here 🙂 Slow and steady!

  5. Hey Jon,

    Congrats on the two year achievement. I just watched the video
    and wanted to contribute my comments of being one of the ones
    who wanted to throw in my comments that had nothing to do with
    what’s going on in the comment section ( video 04:51) as you stated.

    Tip: FYI Jon, if you had more views on all your Youtube videos, it
    would drive up your Google Adsense monthly revenue.

    1. Yeah not too worried about the YouTube video replays. If they grow, they grow. If not, no big deal. That’s not how I generate revenue and I do this blog out of passion first….Any profit that comes from it is a bonus.

      1. Well Jon,

        That’s the difference of being an:

        1.Internet marketer
        2. Internet surfer
        3. Internet blogger

        Now, if you had a blog domain:


        Then you make daily short video’s for the surfers to show up to
        your daily morning, daily afternoon, daily evening , one a day
        or do 3 a day and they can watch a short 3 minute pep talk
        to the surfers and for watching the pep talk of the day,
        you give them X number of XP’s.

        In doing so, you get a ton of hits daily and you start making YUGE
        monthly Adsense earnings.

        1. You know what Rod, in the ten years you’ll be telling me I’m doing it all wrong, this is the first time I completely agree with you.

          I think that’s a great idea.

          Thanks for the tip!

          1. Jon,

            Of course my idea is a great idea.

            You’ve always agreed with my ideas,
            you just don’t realize it.

            I just never gave you a book to read.

            Now Jon, you thanked me for the tip
            I gave you.

            Tips are not Free.
            Now you owe me.

            I only give tips to people in the service
            industry. You know, like when waitresses
            take my food order, sets my table, serves
            my food. Brings my beverage.

            However I did provide you an Appetizer
            of the Pizza Plan 3.

            I’m going have to roll out the full entree
            of the pizza plan 3 version.

  6. I just sign up and am hear looking at your comments. am learning to set some goals. and have time for home stuff too

    1. Not sure, it seems to only allow for a certain number of replies and then the button stops showing up. I’ll play with the settings and see what’s going on.

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