9 Years In The Making…This Was Born For STEEM!

“I quit…!”

My family had just moved across the country and I was trying desperately to find a job. Friends of the family had sent me to work as a courier driver in a city where I knew no one…

The hours were extremely long and the pay was borderline criminal…But I had a new born son, and I had no other options. Around this time I was dabbling in this ‘work from home’ stuff…A few months before the ‘big move‘ I literally clicked on a banner that said I could make money online….

I know, I know…That’s when banner advertising worked extremely well, and I got hooked on the entire concept of sitting behind my computer and making some cash.

I got a few checks in the mail (this was way before PayPal and crypto lol) so I knew that it could be done…But again, having a new born son, my focus was on putting food on the table. Not clicking on banners hoping to strike it rich…

But one day…While driving back from a 12 hour shift of delivering packages all across a city I was unfamiliar with…I quit! I called my boss and told him this wasn’t for me, and I needed to find my own path.

That path was entrepreneurship and making money online!

I wasn’t exactly sure HOW this was going to become a reality…But I was dedicated and focused to make it so.

I’ve seen plenty of loses and a few of wins over the past few decades of working from home…Major successes and EPIC failures.

The biggest failure was the closure of my previous company. We got shut down by PayPal for reasons we are still in the dark about and business essentially crumbled…

Things looked pretty scary!

Because my life seemed to go in a cycle…16 years after my first son, I had another newborn to worry about feeding! My hustle went into over-drive 😉

I discovered the STEEM blockchain and started putting my effort into doing everything I could to build a presence here. I saw it’s HUGE potential and have dedicated almost 2 years of my life to it…But something in the back of mind kept nagging me…

How could I combine my love of entrepreneurship and the STEEM blockchain?

Only July 25th, 2019…I re-launched one of my most successful brands online and think I have found the perfect match for what I’m trying to build here on Steem!

Click Track Profit was at one time, a premier affiliate marketing training hub. The difference between what we did at CTP and other sites was we put a HUGE emphasis on having fun.

We gamified the entire learning process, by adding badges and digital rewards to the educational content.

Members would join and be able to unlock more content and training by actually DOING what was taught…The site launched in 2010 and was a huge success. We had so much fun back then!

Then the PayPal drama happened and CTP suffered…

However I knew it would never die because it had the most important part to any successful online business….An awesome community!

Yesterday…We re-launched! And I was absolutely blown away at the amazing support this 9 year old program still has.

And what’s even more exciting…

We’re bringing CTP to the blockchain!

I have mentioned it over the past few days but ClickTrackProfit will be getting it’s own token on SCOT – The CTP Token

We’ve been working with the guys at Steem Engine to get our Nitrous condenser up and running and should be good to go very soon.

I want to make sure I launch this project right because it’s so important for CTP to get a good start on STEEM. Let’s be honest, affiliate marketing and working from home don’t always have the best reputation online…So it’s got to be done right.

I’m hoping that our 200,000+ affiliates are going to fall in love with the idea of STEEM. As they will be taught to create content for their online businesses on our condenser 🙂

More people coming to Steem and of course, Steem and SBD are the recommended crypto currency that is accepted in CTP as well. Combined with detailed lessons on how to get set up and powered up….I’m pretty excited!

This is a huge experiment for me and my partner, but we believe in both communities so much….

The power of ClickTrackProfit’s members and amazing entrepreneurs!

And the STEEM blockchain and all the amazing things taking place here.

I can’t think of a better match and that’s why I’m so excited to be launching our token on Steem-Engine!!

Let’s see what happens in the next few days 🙂


Wanna see what we’re building?

Check out the training for free at ClickTrackProfit.com

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