A 3 Way Attack To Grow Your STEEM Account…The Right Way!

You know you are addicted to STEEM when the first thing you do is check @Partiko and not my other social media apps…

I always like to check my notifications first thing in the morning, so I can see who responded or commented to my blog and this morning I saw a question that at first…Seemed straight forward enough from @peachyladiva


My answer seems to cover it right?

Engage and add value daily!

Simple right?

I mean, just tell everyone on STEEM to add value daily and engage with the community…Easy answer! But the more I thought about this, the more I KNOW there is more to it…

I’m calling this my 3 Way Steem Attack!

Each step is designed to not only grow your account here on the STEEM blockchain, but also add value to others and of course…Start getting you noticed by the community!

We’ll dive into each tip in detail and I hope you get some great ideas on how you can build your account using these techniques…


You hear it talked about consistently. Show up every day and engage with the community! But why is this advice so critical to your journey here on STEEM? Easy…This blockchain is driven by actual people! One peek at and you can see, people and actual use cases are driving this blockchain. There is no hype, no hoopla…Just the simple fact that PEOPLE are STEEM’s most valubale resource.

So with that in mind…

Engaging helps you invest in what matters most…The relationships! And the people!

So my suggestion would be, to pick a few Steemians that you enjoy engaging with and make a daily habit to do just that. Because it comes down to investing the time in developing those relationships and that happens by engagement…Every day!


I know online gaming has a HUGE future for STEEM…I’m just as addicted to @drugwars as the next Steemain 😉

However we cannot forget what brought STEEM into existence and that’s it’s content creation elements…From Steemit, Busy, Steempeak, dTube, Vimm, dSound, Appics…Creating content on STEEM has never been easier and more visible!

Now I’m not saying, you need to write a blog post everyday…But use the dApps on STEEM and create something….Every day!

Take a picture with Appics! Record a video on dTube. Host a podcast on dSound. Unleash your inner gamer on Vimm….Whatever you LOVE to do…Do it on STEEM! And create every single day!

This does a few things but more importantly it helps create your flow content. The content that reminds people you are out there and shows up in the feeds every day. It helps bring people to your account and shows that you are serious about the blockchain and all it’s amazing dApps…No excuse, get out there now and create!


When @NathanMars hit me up a few months ago to start the #RoadTo300SP project, he said it bluntly…

‘We need to help people see the power of having skin in the game!’

And this is what ‘dollar cost averaging’ can help you do…With any budget!

Now let me be clear..This isn’t financial advice because if you look at my track record, I invested thousands upon thousands of dollars last year in STEEM and…Well, 30 cent STEEM doesn’t really let me retire….Yet 😉

But what 30 cent STEEM does is help me get skin in the game by buying STEEM a lot cheaper now than I did last year…Because I never cared about price! I saw the value of STEEM at $3 each so I most definitely see it at 30 cents.

Every week, no matter what the price…I bought STEEM and powered it up.

I didn’t spend millions to get skin in the game and you don’t have to either. Buy a few STEEM a week, but do it every single week…No matter what the price is!

That’s dollar cost averaging.

So you win when it’s down, and WIN when it’s up!

Remember….We want to show the blockchain we BELIEVE in this project and have that skin in the game…

The 3 Way Attack….

We engage to invest in our most important resource here on STEEM – The people!

We create content every day because we have the BEST dApps on any blockchain!

And we buy STEEM to power it up…To show the world be believe in STEEM and all it’s potential!

And when we do this…Consistently over time…Our account grows! We attract the right kind of people and we build this thing…The right way!


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