A Content Creators Worst Nightmare & 3 Tips On How To Stop It

I’ve been a content creator since around 2003…That’s when I finally took @richardtaylor ‘s advice and started ‘talking‘ about what I had a passion for.

My blog was born and at one time in history, it was the ‘go-to‘ resource for my often misunderstood, but exciting little side of the internet.

And from day one, I could tell the biggest challenge I would ever face was…Keeping my content fresh, new and actually get it read.

See, I had a passion which fired me up to get involved in my industry each and every day. This helped me and inspired me to find things to write about on the blog…However for some people, it’s not that easy…

We’re told…Find your niche, and become an expert in it! And we do that by creating engaging content daily on our vlogs, blogs, live streams and social media platforms.

Sounds great….But what if you need fresh ideas? What if your writer’s block becomes…A daily issue? How do you find great ideas for content?

I have a few tricks that I hope help you on your content creation journey 🙂

1. Discover Great Ideas From….Books!

Shocking! I know. I’m going to suggest reading more books lol But seriously, take a look at this awesome little doodle I found while reading The Visual MBA by Jason Barron


This is some brilliant advice for finding new ideas and content…But as you can see, the more you stick your nose into a book..The more great ‘ideas’ you will come up with for your own content. Use these amazing authors for inspirational ideas.

2. Real Life Experiences…Share Them!

I have talked before about getting a full week’s worth of content ideas from a trip to Wal Mart a few years ago. I literally got ideas for posts about pricing, marketing and community relations…Just from a trip to the store to buy some Doritos.

Real life can produce some of the best content creation ideas…Use it 🙂

3. Follow & Engage With Fellow Content Creators

This is speaking DIRECTLY about my experience here on Steem over the past year and a half. Do you know how much guys like @CaptainBob , @KevinLi and @Exyle have fired me up…Just watching and reading their content?

I can say that I’ve learned more about video creation by hanging out with the @DDaily guys in 3 days at Steemfest, than in my entire 42 years on the planet…

We have a WEALTH of amazing people here on STEEM…Learn from them. Engage with them. Get amazing ideas from them.

These are just a few ideas that have helped me over my time writing blogs on Steem as well as being the content marketing ‘guy’ for my company over the years…

Don’t ever think you can’t come up with amazing ideas for your own content. Just step back and look at the world around you and in front of you…It’ll inspire and motive you to become the best content creator you can be.


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2 thoughts to “A Content Creators Worst Nightmare & 3 Tips On How To Stop It”

  1. Hey Jon! This was neat. Never thought about number #2. One of my mentors said “Have the marketers eye!” Which basically means… Whatever you do, or go be thinking about how this can be used to create content.

    1. Hey man, thanks for the comments…Apologies for not responding sooner, but this blog is posted on STEEM and that’s where all my engagement is these days…

      If you haven’t joined STEEM yet, let me know, and I’ll set you up with a free account. 🙂

      Here’s the link if you havent seen it yet

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