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A Fool Proof Formula For Building A Personal Brand On STEEM

I’m what you call a…Bibliophile.

Sounds scary…

It’s the super scientific word for a bookworm and even has it’s own Wikipedia page dedicated to sufferers of this disease…

One of the biggest issues with consuming all this content over the past 2 decades is actually retaining everything I learn…

(And then putting it into practice of course…)

One of the best techniques I’ve used when it comes to dealing with ‘bibliophilia‘ is…

Writing down what I learn in my journals…


I have about 4 journals that are jam packed with everything I’ve learned through reading and I enjoy browsing the lessons from time to time…This helps me get ideas on what to write about and what to put into practice when it comes to my journey here on STEEM…

Today…Was one of those days I decided to spend a few minutes browsing through my notes…

A few years ago I came up with this formula that helped me build a personal brand in the industry I was in…Of course, I wrote it down in my journal so that I could reference it for times just like today 🙂

This is something I think can really help you develop a strong brand not only here on STEEM, but in all aspects of an online presence.

I hope you get a ton of value from what I wrote down…About 7 years ago LOL

personal brand

Let’s break this down and see how being consistent is the BEST way help your journey on STEEM…

FOCUS – See all the drama that goes on around STEEM? How much attention do we pay to the flag wars, the bid bot rants, the trending page gripes…I spend about…ZERO SECONDS on it. I’m too bust worried about building relationships with YOU! And focusing on adding value to your journey here on STEEM. I do that in the form of showing up every day, upvoting comments, sending you @SteemBasicIncome units and building a community for projects like SteemSavvy. I’m focused…And that helps me build my….

POSITION – When I first joined STEEM…I literally shut my mouth. I observed. And I learned everything I could. While focusing on STEEM, my journey has led me to have a position here on the blockchain. Not because I’m special. And most definitely not because I’m important…Nope, my position is being formed every day I show up. I’m (attempting) to add value to the blockchain by being an evangelist for it. Everywhere I go, I talk about STEEM…It’s on the tip of my tongue on all social media sites and because of my track record of showing up and building my position (or skin in the game…)…Everyday…I’m starting to become a voice of….

Authority – Again, not saying I’m anything special because there are a lot more important people and powerful people here on STEEM…But in my little tribe…People ask me questions about crypto and STEEM every day! I’m a go to reference for my friends on Facebook when it comes to crypto and STEEM…And slowly…My voice is being heard by the powers that be here on STEEM. I’ve been asked to speak at events like @SteemCreators & @GlobalBlockBuilders as well as State of STEEM hosted by @pennsif ….And so far, no one hates me LOL

And all this builds my personal brand on STEEM

Would you agree that this describes me here?

– A passionate Steemian
– Works hard everyday to spread the STEEM message
– Loves the development and dApps on the blockchain
– Has skin in the game
– Wants every Steemian to win!

You combine that…And I think you can see how this formula is living proof that it works.

Here’s your action steps:

1. Focus on what matters most to you!
2. This builds your position on what matters most!
3. Your become a voice of authority in what matters most!

You are now building your personal brand 🙂

I hope this helps and I hope this adds value to your journey…Whether it’s here on STEEM, or anything endeavour you are passionate about!

Show up everyday and success is yours for the taking!


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