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A HIVE Of Possibilities…Are You Excited Yet?

The amazing opportunity we have here on HIVE is unlike anything I have seen in my two decades of building businesses online. That’s a pretty big statement and this post hopes to show each of us here, how important HIVE is to…Everything!

For me, the content creation angle plays a huge part in my goals on HIVE.

It’s going to be integrated in all my businesses and once the Steem Engine fiasco is fixed, CTP Talk will be 100% on HIVE as well.

Let’s go over a few reasons why I’m extremely bullish on the newest blockchain on the web…


When SMT’s / HIVE-Engine get fired up, we’re going to see even more excitement build. The tokenization of the web has a home here on HIVE. And while things started off very promising with Steem-Engine, I see even bigger possibilities on HIVE. Our own tribe, CTP will have a home here and we can’t wait to get things started!

New dApps Find Their Home On HIVE

This is remarkable in itself but check out these numbers from @stateofthedapps already!

We’ve already seen 44% of all the active dApps on Steem migrate to HIVE!

(via Steem 2 Hive)

And here’s the BIGGEST win…In a week, @peakd has absolutely sky rocketed the charts with the 3rd most users on any dApp on any blockchain….

Just wow!

We already knew we had the community, now it’s time to crush it even more and bring more developers here…Speaking of which…


What an opportunity for businesses, development teams and entrepreneurs to build here on HIVE. With the decentralized HIVE fund, we can (as a community) support the projects with sizeable funding to develop on this blockchain and build something remarkable!

A community funding it’s own projects….?

Amazing right and something I plan on adding as a beneficiary for future posts!

The HIVE SBI Project

Oh this should ruffle some feathers but take a quick look inside of your @PeakD wallet and you see this…

If you want to see more engagement on this blockchain, projects like SBI are crucial! Let’s be honest, when a blockchain that brags about being a community starts to alienate content creators, it becomes it’s own worst enemy. Projects like the HIVE SBI will reward content creators and engagement on the blockchain…

Which means, more people actually sticking around! Creating. Engaging!

And in today’s day and age, it’s nice to get some stability in our postings…HIVE SBI provides that for you and everyone you sponsor into the program. A win win for everyone!

Social Media Is Thriving!

Have you been paying attention to Twitter lately?

Hashtags are everywhere…




Use them all and spread the word.

Just today we saw an official / unofficial HIVE page pop up on Facebook.

And I think this is just the tip of the iceberg. Keep sharing that HIVE content and let’s keep the message in front of everyone….Hive is truly…Alive!


Here’s the skinny…

If this thing fails, we have no one to blame but ourselves from now on. No more pointing fingers at Stinc. No more blaming the powers that be in crypto…WE NEED TO BUILD THIS!

And we should support each other as much as possible. I’m making sure my voting power is always hovering around 85% or so LOL I love to upvote the awesome stuff I see on HIVE (and it’s only been a week lol)

Let’s get rid of the drama, leave the negativity behind us and let’s build this blockchain to the massive heights we all believe it can be…

If you aren’t fired up now, I’m not sure what will get you excited 🙂

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