A Message To The CTP Tribe

What a mess huh….?

You know, when I first joined Steem, I saw the perfect match for our little side of the internet and the blockchain. It was too good to be true! Here’s a blockchain and crypto currency that you could actually USE. And beyond that, you could learn about this amazing new technology and get rewarded while doing so. What an amazing idea!

So when Steem-Engine launched their SCOT bot project and gave us the ability to create our own front end blogging platform and token, we jumped on it! Invested thousands of dollars into building it up and integrated it into everything we do at ClickTrackProfit.

Sadly, as we know being entrepreneurs…Things don’t always go as planned!

In case you missed it, the Steem blockchain will be ‘hard forking’ on Friday to create a brand new blockchain called …


I’ve been answering your Telegram, Discord and support tickets all day and thought it would be good to give you our game plan moving forward…

1. When this ‘fork’ happens, you will essentially get HIVE tokens, equivalent to what you hold in Steem. This is what happens when blockchains fork, similar to what happened a few years ago when Bitcoin forked and Bitcoin Cash was created. Everyone that held ‘BTC’ got airdropped BCH on selected exchanges. Confused? It happens all the time in the crypto space…But with STEEM it’s different because there are so many spokes in the wheel per se. So just remember this right now, whatever you have in Steem, you will receive in HIVE on Friday.

2. The STEEM blockchain is NOT dying…That means, STEEM continues on like it did, however many in the community will make the switch to HIVE. Some will abandon STEEM, some will stay, some will use both…It’s 100000000% your choice what you want to do, and where you want to create content on.

3. I have no idea what’s going on with Steem-Engine tribes aka, the CTP Token. However I’ve been poking around and asking questions and what I can tell you is this…Steem Engine will remain on Steem for now. And their team is analyzing everything and will decide how to proceed. Steem Engine may stay on Steem forever, they may ‘snapshot’ and move to HIVE. They may stay on both chains. This being said, your content on CTP Talk remains, on CTP Talk. I wish I could tell you more, but this is the answer everyone seemed to get in the Steem-Engine Discord:

aggroed Yesterday at 6:00 PM

it’ll take more than 3 days to figure out
I have legal questions that need to be answered

I get it. These guys have a million and one things they have their hands in, and Steem-Engine is a massive project. I want them to do it right, no matter what they plan. So I’m o.k. with letting them figure things out. This ensures our tribe and all tribes on Steem benefit the most from this fork.

4. I’m actually…Pretty excited! Look, there are plenty of unknowns. Especially in today’s climate in the world. But for HIVE / STEEM specifically, I see this as a huge opportunity. For HIVE to show and prove what so many have thought all along, Steem’s technology is superior to any blockchain out there…But we have always had that ‘ugly history of the ninja mined stake’. This is a clean slate and fresh opportunity. So I’m pretty excited because I’m not loyal to a brand name when it comes to a blockchain…However I’m 10000% loyal to this community.

5. Ask questions! That’s what is so awesome about Steem. People will help you, they will respond to you and you can get some clarity if you poke around. Again, lots of unknowns and I’m still scratching my head after over 2 years of being here..But I love this community. And I truly believe after all is said and done, we become stronger than ever before.

So whether it’s Steem, HIVE or a combination of both…This is still the BEST blockchain community anywhere.

Here’s to a big bright future!

As always, I will keep you guys up to date within CTP when I get more news!

If you have any questions or concerns, PLEASE pop by our Discord or Telegram groups and we can do our best to let you know what’s going on 🙂



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