A Story Of The 97.5%

I had an interesting call today…

One of my best friends in the world got in touch with me and then hit me with this bombshell…

“I wanna start an online business…!”

I’ve heard this from friends and relatives for almost two decades now, mostly because they know I’ve been building businesses online for the same amount of time. But I also hear it day in and day out, in the trenches…

And it’s understandable.

There are so many opportunities out there and now combined with everything going on in the blockchain space…The world is literally changing in front of us!

But when my friend stated he wanted to build an online business…I cringed.

Not that my friend wouldn’t be a fantastic online entrepreneur, he’s one of the hardest working dudes I know…But because I could do 1 of two things…

I could say….For sure man, you can do it! Go all in!

Or say – You can do this man, but let me be honest with you….97.5% of people that start an online business…Usually give up or fail within the first year.

So I did a combination of both….

The conversation went like this…

“I have to tell you man, I hear this all the time from people that are super excited about building an online business. They will hear the stats about the huge percentage that fail, but convince themselves they are different. They have confidence in their ability to build something and stick to it…Long after their competitors have given up!” – Me

“Yeah man, I know it’s going to take years. But if I start at this now, and be a sponge for the first year…I’ll be able to start making some money in year 2…” – Friend

“You could…But there is no guarantee. Check out this guy Roberto Blake on social media. He talks about content creation and how it takes about 100 piece of content to even get replies and comments…And then another 1000 before you start seeing any traction on the money side of things…..” – Me

“Oh no doubt…I’m thinking long term here!” – Friend

“I don’t doubt it, but I’m warning you man…Everyone says they are in it for the long haul..And then 3-4 months go by and they aren’t seeing any results. Instead of pushing forward, they give up…” – Me

This is a conversation I have…Almost weekly in my online business!

Everyone SAYS they are in it for the long haul…But are you?

Sometimes I feel like I just need to go with that first option above….

Just tell people..They can do it, go all in, don’t listen to the naysayers…..

However that would be misleading. Because here’s the truth in my opinion when it comes to building businesses online.

1. It’s going to be a lot of work!

2. It’s going to cost time, money and sacrifice.

3. Your competition will be forever trying to ‘beat you’ by improving.

4. You need to embrace new technology to maintain and grow your market position.

5. You MUST be consistent!

6. You CAN achieve greatness. Just be honest with yourself about how long it’ll take.

7. And no one knows how long it will take…

Can anyone build a business online?

Absolutely. If they humble themselves and learn the right techniques and grow everyday…For sure!

However if they expect instant riches. A timeline that they determine. And a smooth path towards success….

Well…..I’d say welcome to the 97.5%



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