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A Strategy For Developing A Personal Brand On HIVE

Personal branding in affiliate marketing is a hot topic…

At ClickTrackProfit we have this theory that we live by and it goes like this…

You should focus all your efforts when you start trying to build an online business in these two areas…

1. Building your mailing list

2. Building your brand

Build a brand you say?

And that comes in the form of content marketing, social media marketing and good ol’ fashioned ‘showing up everyday!’

Let’s take a look at content marketing for a quick second and why we are big on HIVE and CTPtalk (crossing fingers the move to HIVE happens soon…)

You see, these platforms are ‘new‘ and when something is new, you have a huge opportunity to stick out in your chosen niche. The more you ‘create’ on these new platforms, the bigger your ‘personal brand’ can be…

A few days ago, @scottcbusiness did a fantastic video on this exact topic. And why he HIGHLY recommends that would-be entrepreneurs focus on these new forms of content delivery…In the blockchain space!

This is a formula I use to keep myself focused on delivering content on platforms like HIVE and remembering what the potential pay off can be…

personal brand


Lots of things are pulling at your attention strings these days….Focus up! Get your eyes on the prize and stop worrying about what other entrepreneurs are doing, or what politician said what on CNN. Work on YOUR content and getting people to know, like and trust you!


The more focus you have on your content, especially here on HIVE, you will start to attract the right people. They will look to you to engage with, curate and follow. And here’s the best part, the more ‘position or stake‘ you have here, the more you can attract potential rewards (re: 5-500-5000 formula)


And here’s the golden nugget! The more you focus, the more position you build and ultimately the more authority you have. See, when you have developed a portfolio of value over time (through focus and position) you have built up a reputation that people will look to you for advice, for services and who knows, maybe even potential business partnerships in this brave new world of the blockchain!

It doesn’t happen overnight, but when you stick to this stuff…A personal brand develops. A go to brand that people want to be a part of and follow…


Wanna get started in affiliate marketing?

But don’t wanna spend the big bucks to get started…

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